How to Keep Both Physicians and Patients Happy (and boost your clinic)

Happy patients equal healthy patients. And healthy patients equal happy physicians. How do you keep both your patients and physicians happy?  We’re not asking you to solve a calculus equation here (though nerding out is really fun). The answer is really simple.   Send Appointment Reminders That Patients Actually Respond To According to this research summary, text messaging is now the most used communication tool on the planet. We see it all the time – practices spend hours calling and emailing patients and getting no response.  To solve this, we created Reminders – text appointment confirmations that have shown to […]

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We’re finalists in the RWJF Choosing Care Challenge!

We’re thrilled to be featured as one of the finalists in the RWJF Choosing Care Challenge! Luma Health believes getting healthcare should be simple. The RWJF Choose Care Challenge was designed to find creative solutions that help patients easily find accessible and affordable health care services. So, naturally, we had to take part! We’re creating the pieces to help solve the big health care puzzle. And we’re pretty honored to see our name among several other amazing companies. After submitting our concept in Phase 1, we were selected along with 4 other companies to move on to Phase 2. Now, […]

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Why Doctors Hate Dr. Google

“Have you googled it?” Google, the world’s most popular search engine, has become an everyday noun. And patients aren’t just using it to find the nearest doctor’s office. They’re also googling their symptoms and performing self-diagnosis without even speaking with a doctor. This guest post from Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, a consultant IVF specialist, who runs one of India’s leading IVF clinics, explores why doctors and google have a tumultuous relationship.   To become a doctor, I had to burn the midnight oil and master many medical tomes for over 8 years . Even after being an IVF specialist for over 25 […]

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Increasing Patient Capacity Without Hiring More Staff

Increasing wait times aren’t the only issue in healthcare right now. They’re actually a symptom of a bigger problem. One issue that has plagued healthcare providers, in both the private and public sectors, is a lack of funding to increase staff and thereby reduce wait times. There’s not enough hands on deck to do it all efficiently, and there’s not enough funding to hire more help. Hiring comes at a high cost that most facilities can’t afford. So, patients are stuck in limbo waiting for weeks to be seen. With the rising age of the population and a generation of […]

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Managing Increasing Appointment Wait Times for Veterans Affairs

Increasing appointment wait times have been an issue for all healthcare providers. Merritt Hawkins just released their 2017 report, which revealed a significant increase in new patient physician wait times within the private sector. It’s also been no secret that Veteran’s Affairs (VA) has been struggling with increasing wait times, as well. A report released last year by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) shared that of the veterans included in their study, appointment wait times ranged anywhere from 22 to 71 days from the veterans’ initial requests for the VA to contact them to schedule an appointment to when the veterans were […]

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Combatting the 30% Increase in New Patient Appointment Wait Times

There’s no question that patient appointment wait times are increasing. A recent report released by Merritt Hawkins revealed a significant increase, specifically in new patient physician appointment wait times. The average wait time increased 30%+ from 2014. While this is a serious problem for the healthcare industry, it’s one that can easily be solved. We started Luma Health for this very reason – to help patients see their doctors faster and to keep practice schedules full. Many practices spend hours every week trying to manage a waitlist for their already busy practice. Patients are waiting weeks to see a physician, […]

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Secure-Messaging: How to Protect Your Patients’ Data

We recently introduced our latest product, Secure Chat. As messaging has quickly become the preferred method of communication, the healthcare industry has begun to make a shift in how physicians and medical practices are now communicating with their patients. Communicating with patients via text messaging and other messaging platforms, is beneficial for everyone. Patients get direct access to their primary healthcare team when it’s most convenient to them, and medical teams spend less time fielding phone calls and leaving voicemails. While there’s a lot of benefit to be found in messaging, there’s also a lot of concern regarding security. Cyber […]

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How We’re Saving Practices 13+ Hours Every Week

What if your front office staff no longer had to choose between putting a patient on the phone on hold or making a patient who’s just arrived at your practice wait before being helped? What if we told you that keeping your schedule full could actually save you time? What if we told you that we could save you 13+ hours every week? We know how busy you and your staff are already. We know how much is expected of you and how impossible it is to get it all done while maintaining the best patient experience and the most […]

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What Patients Really Think About Secure Messaging, Part 2: What They Don’t Like

Read Part 1: What Patients Love About Secure Messaging As more practices are adopting secure messaging as a form of communication between patients and physicians, it’s important to understand what works and what doesn’t. Last week, we shared what patients are loving about secure messaging. As with anything, though, there are both pros and cons. So, this week we’re sharing what patients don’t like about it. If you’re implementing secure messaging at your practice, or are considering it, it’s important to understand what patients don’t like, in order to prevent those things from happening. Educate your staff and your team […]

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What Patients Really Think About Secure Messaging, Part 1: What They Love

Stay tuned for part 2 next week; What patients don’t like about secure messaging and how to make improvements. Secure messaging is transforming the way patients communicate with physicians. For healthcare providers, secure messaging offers huge time-saving capabilities, as well as the ability to drastically improve patient satisfaction and overall patient health outcomes. We can’t leave patients out of the conversation, though. It’s vital to understand how our patients feel about secure messaging in order to know how to best introduce a secure messaging system in our practice. As with any system, there are both pros and cons. It’s important […]

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