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All About Chatbots, Part I: What’s A Bot, Exactly?

Chatbots and artificial intelligence (A.I.) are hot topics right now. But how exactly do chatbots work? And do they pick up on human language? Keep reading to know more.

Tashfeen Ekram, MD

Customer Spotlights

Customer Spotlight: Sanova Dermatology

Sanova Dermatology was having some problems with getting patients to leave reviews. Read on to see how Luma's Feedback feature helped them get 90 more Google reviews in just 7 months.

Angie Shin


August 2017 Product Updates

In the past month, we've updated a lot: the availability page now shows capacity and utilization per provider, reports can be exported in Excel, and appointment blockout support is in progress.

Aditya Bansod

Industry, Technology

The Types of Reminders That Just Don’t Work Anymore

Fact: Some mobile reminders leave your patients hanging. Here are a few ways you can change the way you use mobile reminders to boost patient engagement and keep your patients happy.

Tashfeen Ekram, MD

Industry, Technology

Why You Should Take Online Reviews Seriously

Luma is no stranger to providing a next-level patient experience. Reputation management, a crowd-favorite feature of Luma, engages patients with your clinic’s review platforms.

Alex Petruchenya

Industry, Technology

Stop Calling Your Patients: The Increasing Need for Mobile Reminders

Did you know SMS open rates exceed 99 percent? You heard us! Here's how mobile reminders reduce no-show rates and work way better than patient portals.

Alex Petruchenya

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