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Healthcare Happenings

August Healthcare Hot Takes: Digital health debuts

This month we break down the wave of digital health public debuts, the high tech hospital of the future, and CVS Health's work to combat social determinants of health.

Ramesh Munnangi

Engagement Strategies, Value-Based Care

How Social Determinants of Health Impede Access to Care

Social determinants of health are playing an increasingly large role in health outcomes, and they form a barrier preventing many patients from accessing the care they need. Find out how.

Lauren Rodriguez

Engagement Strategies

Accelerating Access to Care: Lessons from our new ebook

We've got a new ebook that's all about access to care! Learn about common barriers to patient access, how to address these obstacles, and why access matters.

Lauren Rodriguez

Life at Luma

Introducing Our Summer Interns

We're shining a spotlight on our superstar interns, who have been hard at work this summer to help continue Luma Health's growth and success.

Lauren Rodriguez

Engagement Strategies

To Banish Burnout, Take These Three Steps

Emerging technologies, countless administrative tasks, jam-packed schedules, and substantial student debt are all contributing to one of our country’s largest health care challenges — physician burnout. Banishing burnout starts with recognizing the signs and symptoms, then implementing intuitive technology to alleviate its impact.

Alex Harris

Healthcare Happenings

5 Ways Digital Health Improves Outcomes

Digital health uses innovations to improve healthcare. Here are 5 successful applications of digital health that show why you should pay attention to this ever-growing field.

Lauren Rodriguez

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