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Luma Announces Patient Success Platform™ to Bend the Arc of Healthcare

Today, we announced the Patient Success Platform.™  Here, we share why we believe patient success is healthcare’s top priority.

Patient success has always been our mission. 

When we launched Luma back in 2015, we had conviction healthcare should understand a patient as more than just a patient sitting in front of a doctor, and play a more active role in delivering patient success at every step of a patient’s healthcare journey:

  • Access + Operational (how do I find and get the care I need?)
  • Clinical (how do I prepare for care and stick to my care plan?)
  • Financial (how much will this care cost me, and how can I pay?)

Though we’ve used different words over the years, we’ve always focused on making it easier for people to find, access, and get their needed healthcare. As we celebrate the milestone of connecting more than 35 million people in the United States to healthcare, choosing the right words and naming our mission as the core of our company and our product was a natural fit.

‘Patient engagement’ has always been an insufficient way to truly capture our efforts here at Luma. After all, no patient wants to be “engaged” – at the end of the day, patients want to be helped

Our own stories as patients and caregivers remind us how personal healthcare is, and how hard it can be to need a doctor’s care or advocate for yourself or your loved ones. Needing healthcare in itself is hard, getting the care you need should be easy. 

Today, too many patients and their loved ones have to be their own champions – advocating for the care they need, waiting on hold, preparing for visits, collecting medical records, verifying insurance, finding the funds to pay, and more. Then, it starts all over again the next time.

Providers across the U.S. have told us about The Great Patient Disconnect, and how much they want to solve it. But their existing tools haven’t been enough.

With the Patient Success Platform, we’re proud to help address the Great Patient Disconnect and support our customers, who truly deliver patient success every day. The more than 650 integrated delivery networks, specialty clinics, FQHCs, and health systems in the Luma community provide care for more than 35 million Americans, and their impact continues to grow. 

We’re also proud to partner with innovators across the healthcare space to amplify our collective impact and make patients more successful. These companies include:

  • DocuSign, a market-defining company in digital agreements on any device, from almost anywhere, at any time.
  • InstaMed and Salucro, companies that are simplifying and modernizing patient payments and billing.
  • Azara Healthcare, which is improving healthcare outcomes for millions of underserved patients through population health.
  • Change Healthcare, which has achieved scale and touches the lives of nearly every American.

Every offer to see a doctor a week sooner, and every appointment slot filled, creates a tangible difference in a person’s health journey.

It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to bend the arc of healthcare, even by a percent or two – directly impacting and benefiting millions of people.

Making patients successful as individuals, and ultimately changing the hard parts of healthcare in a meaningful way, is our North Star. We couldn’t be more excited to announce the Patient Success Platform!