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Unifying Every Step of the Patient Journey

Today, we announced our $130M Series C funding led by FTV Capital. You can read the full announcement in our press release, but here, we want to talk about why we at Luma Health are obsessed with unifying and automating every journey that you have as a patient.

In 2015, we set out to build a company with a singular purpose – to make it easy for patients to get access to healthcare. We’d all been patients, and we’d all experienced the frustrations that are all too common – struggling to get an appointment and figure out how much it’ll cost; finding it impossible to ask follow-up questions; spending long wait times in busy waiting rooms; and more. But we’d all also experienced that one moment we need most when we’re sick: time with the doctor to hear our issue and get the help we need to be healthy again. Getting patients to that moment was the founding principle that brought the three of us together to launch Luma Health. 

Early on, our ideas were simple and small, even if our vision was big – our very first set of products included a Smart Waitlist and our Actionable Reminders. Simply put, we wanted to match patients who were waiting for care with patients who needed to cancel an existing appointment. To make that work, we had to build some of the deepest hooks and most sophisticated integrations into the system of record in healthcare – the electronic health record. Over the years, we continued to evolve from two initial products to now more than 25 unique products that form a complete end-to-end platform, enabling health systems to automate and orchestrate nearly every part of a patient’s journey. 

As we continued to work with clinic managers, practice administrators, physicians, nurses, and health system executives, it became clear that we needed to continue to evolve, and not just automate the simple parts of connecting patients to healthcare, but also to help simplify all the hard, complex, and gnarly stuff, too. We needed to make it easier for patients to connect all three key elements of their journey from patient to person – their clinical journey, their financial journey, and their appointment journey. That’s why we’ve built an engine to put all these pieces together: the Healthcare Engagement Engine™.

Today, we’re excited to announce a $130M Series C investment from FTV Capital, ensuring that we can scale and grow a world-class platform, helping more patients in every care scenario in the United States (and across the world) get access to the care they need. With FTV, we’ve brought on board a new partner who shares our vision of the Healthcare Engagement Engine™, and is committed to scaling this platform to connect patients with their doctors and care team when they need it most.

Since we founded the company in 2015, we’ve been fortunate that we’ve never had to pivot, never had to change our focus, never had to deviate from our founding vision. The need for seamless and simple access to healthcare at enterprise scale has never been more clear as it is now. Suffering through a pandemic has made it crystal clear that the old way of doing things in healthcare not only has to change, but is actively changing. We’re excited to help catalyze that change with our new partners at FTV Capital, our teammates at Luma Health, and most of all, our customers who tirelessly deliver care to patients and to their communities every single day.