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Luma + Greenway Health: Powering the 3 Pillars of Patient Success

With Luma now tightly integrated with Greenway Health, millions more patients will more easily access care, prepare for their appointments, and communicate with their providers

Luma is built on the core idea that it should be easier for patients to get to care, and the newly announced partnership between Greenway Health and Luma makes that possible for millions more patients across the United States. 

For patients to be successful, they need to:

  1. Access care more easily.
  2. Easily communicate with their providers.
  3. Be ready for care before their visit.

With Luma integrated directly into the Greenway Health EHRs as the native patient engagement solution, patients can self-service, with every action updating the patient’s record in Greenway. This puts the patient at the center and gets them what they need – without additional burden for staff. 

It supports these three pillars that make patients more successful and ultimately creates the positive consumer experience they expect. 

Here’s how the Luma-Greenway partnership supports the 3 pillars of patient success.

1. Access Care Easily

Access when and where patients want it

Patients expect more options than a phone call to access care, and research shows that they love having self-service options. Patients will even choose a provider based on whether they can self-schedule or change appointments without calling.

Greenway Patient Connect powered by Luma lets them:

  • Schedule online (website, chatbot, portal, etc.)
  • Cancel and reschedule appointments by text message 
  • Know when they’ve been referred to a specialist and get instructions for scheduling

24/7 access 

We’ve heard from countless organizations that they want to do more to improve patient access, but don’t have any more staff time to devote to it. They need to do more than ever before to gain and retain patients, with less staff effort.

Luma + Greenway lets patients take action 24/7, integrated directly with their patient record. It means no double-documentation for staff or manually filling open times. 

Instead, open times are automatically filled with offers to the right patients based on their appointment needs. Staff simply see fuller schedules in Greenway. For example, at DMOS Orthopaedic Centers, dozens of patients per day booked appointments online in the first full month with Luma.

2. Communicate with Providers


For patients to be successful without long wait times on hold, they need an easy way to contact their providers with questions. 

Luma enables secure staff-patient chat and allows patients to initiate by text or chatbot to get the answers they need. And if they’re on the phone and can’t wait for a staff member, they can receive a text instead to complete actions like rescheduling an appointment. 


To help staff communicate with patients more efficiently, they have options in Greenway Patient Connect powered by Luma:

  • One-to-many broadcast messaging for important updates like weather closures (helping avoid long hours trying to get in touch with many patients)
  • Web messaging from staff goes to text messages for patients (convenient for both parties)
  • Web-to-chat messaging to respond to patients who ask a question via chatbot on their provider’s website

3. Be Ready for Care

Clear next steps

Reminders directly to patients with the next steps they need to know help reduce no-shows and create a better experience for patients. 

Reminders from Greenway Patient Connect powered by Luma are driven by the schedule in Greenway and automatically let patients know when to arrive for their appointments, whether they have forms to complete, and more. Patients are more prepared for their appointments, without staff investing in manual calls down a list.

Easy, EHR-integrated actions

Instead of simply engaging patients by text and leaving next steps for in person or over the phone, Greenway Patient Connect powered by Luma lets patients take the next step themselves. It creates the self-service, simple consumer experience that patients have grown to expect. 

For example, they can:

  • Complete intake forms including new patient forms, authorizations, and more
  • Upload a driver’s license
  • Let staff know when they have arrived 

These actions update the Greenway EHRs directly, allowing patients to actively partner in their healthcare journeys and ensuring staff members have one source of truth.

We couldn’t be more excited for the efficient, simple consumer experience patients will have access to with the Luma-Greenway partnership on Greenway Patient Connect powered by Luma. Simplifying these everyday interactions, providing self-service options, and removing friction from the healthcare experience are the true opportunities for innovation in healthcare right now. This partnership will improve the healthcare journeys of millions of patients across the United States with these pillars of patient success.