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Competitive markets where patients and referring providers have multiple options means you compete on experience. Making it seamless and simple creates loyal patients and providers, building your brand to keep them coming back.

“Luma is helping us accomplish our triple aim: improved patient experience, reduced patient cost, and improved patient outcomes.”

Dr. Medhavi Jogi  |  Co-founder and practicing endocrinologist, Houston Thyroid and Endocrine Specialists

The Patient Success Platform for Specialty Groups

Turning your complex workflows into a simple patient experience
Drive revenue, improve outcomes, and create loyal patients with EHR-integrated, seamless workflows for both patients and staff.

Integrated with your EHR + tech stack

Workflows integrated with leading EHRs like eCW or NextGen take manual work off your staff. Luma connects to your CRM, digital front door, patient portal or app, and more.

Built under one roof

From scheduling to intake and beyond, every module works together. Powerful workflows connect more parts of the patient journey. Your staff won’t be switching tools.

Match the needs of your markets

Every market is different. Luma puts the power in your users’ hands to adjust, brand, and customize. Data-driven best practices guide implementations, and flexible settings meet your organization’s unique needs. 

Success at every level

Patient Success

Competing on experience for high-value services means giving patients a convenient experience at every step – from web search to appointment day.

Navigating their own search for care
Simple guided journeys
Waiting for your business hours
24/7 access, when it’s convenient
Advocating for themselves
Partnering with you
Staff Success

Tailor automated touchpoints to each of your unique markets. Staff spend their time handling complex cases, not repetitive low-value tasks.

Manual follow-up
Automated, EHR-integrated outreach
Complex printed paperwork
Digital, text-first touchpoints
Time on phone
Time with patient
System Success

Bring new clinics into the fold and get them humming faster. Digital, text-first workflows keep provider schedules full and help every patient show up prepared.

Unused high-value appointments
Full schedules and increased revenue
Manual processes
Streamlined funnel for appointments
High leakage, low brand loyalty
Great reputation and loyal patients

Luma is helping us meet our modern patient population exactly where they want us to be — on their phones, anytime they need care. That will keep us competitive for the many years to come.”

Chuck Leider

What sets Luma apart

Quick, expert implementation to get you started fast

Install quickly and easily, at any
point in your EHR lifecycle  

Configurable to support your most complex workflows

Configurable to support your
most complex workflows

Scale up, from wherever you start

Scale up, from wherever
you start

Key Benefits for Specialty Groups

  • For Patients Easy scheduling and appointment management bring in new, existing, and referred patients.
  • For Staff Automated reminders, waitlist offers, and instructions take hours of phone calls off your staff’s plates.
  • For Your Organization EHR integration and automated workflows automatically fill open schedule slots, without manual intervention from staff.
  • For Patients Text-first communication in the patient’s preferred language creates the experience they expect and makes it easy to connect with you.
  • For Staff Simple, one-to-many communication frees staff up from phone calls, and keeps a single source of truth in the EHR.
  • For Your Organization A longitudinal patient view and integration with the chart keeps staff in the loop about who interacted with the patient and when for a better patient and staff experience. 
  • For Patients Text-first outreach lets them know when they’ve been referred and how to schedule.
  • For Staff Automated reminders to schedule or leave a review for past appointments keep things moving with less manual calling.
  • For Your Organization More online reviews and more consistent outreach to referred patients keep your business running smoothly and improve your organization’s reputation.

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Outcomes from Our Specialty Group Community

Mobile intake has virtually eliminated waiting room bottlenecks. Extra space has been converted to PT rooms.

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With automatic post-visit follow-up, North Florida Women's Care has increased their online reviews to an all-time high.

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Short-staffed clinics freed up 20 hours per week in manual phone calls with automated reminders and follow-up.

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