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Luma Health Raises $130 Million in Series C Funding to Unify, Automate, and Transform Patients’ Healthcare Journeys

Luma Health today announced a $130 million Series C funding round led by FTV Capital.

November 23, 2021 San Francisco, CA

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Luma Health Announces EHR Forms, Freeing Staff from Administrative Tasks

October 18, 2021 San Francisco, CA

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Luma Health and Azara Healthcare Partner to Support FQHCs Keeping Their Communities Healthy

August 26, 2021 San Francisco, CA

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Luma Health Partners With Patient Access Collaborative To Improve Health Equity Across U.S.

May 7, 2021 San Francisco, CA

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Luma Health Celebrates One Millionth COVID-19 Vaccination And Scales Up For Millions More

April 9, 2021 San Francisco, CA

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Luma Health Launches End-to-End Digital Health Solution to Expedite COVID-19 Vaccine Programs

January 29, 2021 San Francisco, CA

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KLAS Research Identifies Luma Health as a Leading Patient Engagement Solution Vendor

January 8, 2021 San Francisco, CA

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Michigan Primary Care Association and Luma Health Partner to Streamline Care Access

August 18, 2020 San Francisco, CA

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The Illinois Primary Health Care Association Partners with Luma Health to Streamline Access to Care Throughout the State of Illinois

August 4, 2020 San Francisco, CA

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Luma Health Announces Patient-Centric Telehealth Solution: No App, Login or Portal Required

April 1, 2020 San Francisco, CA

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Luma Health Providing 30-Day Free Access to Patient Broadcast Messaging to Healthcare Providers to Accelerate Patient Communications Around COVID-19

March 25, 2020 San Francisco, CA

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Luma Health Selected as Greenway Health Marketplace Partner, Enabling Comprehensive Health IT Solutions

December 10, 2019 San Francisco, CA

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TSI Healthcare Partners with Luma Health to Automate the Patient Journey

December 10, 2019 Chapel Hill, NC

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Luma Health Wins UCSF Digital Health Award for Best EHR – Patient Engagement Solution

October 15, 2019 San Francisco, CA

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Patient Engagement Leader Luma Health Raises $16 Million to Accelerate Delivery of Modern Patient Access Technology

August 27, 2019 San Francisco, CA

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