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Luma Health Launches LumaFinancial™ Product within Patient Success Platform

June 6, 2022 San Francisco, CA

Luma Health debuts LumaPay™, a new service for healthcare systems that provides patients a better and more transparent financial journey. LumaPay is the inaugural module of LumaFinancial, the financial product within Luma’s Patient Success Platform™, and it enables patients to pay their bills right from text messages or their providers’ websites.

LumaFinancial expands Luma’s comprehensive Patient Success Platform, providing healthcare providers with a fully integrated portal that unifies the clinical, operational, access, and financial parts of a patient’s journey—up to and after care.

“We believe that the relentless pursuit of patient engagement can detract from the ultimate goal: patient success. And patients’ healthcare journeys are most successful when every part of the journey – including payment – is orchestrated and unified,” said Jennifer Etter, Luma’s head of product and design. “LumaPay reduces the friction in the payment process to make life easier for patients.” 

LumaFinancial will include additional modules in the future to connect payments, estimates, coverages, and more. LumaFinancial integrates with the electronic health record (EHR) to maintain a single source of truth for healthcare providers.

What is LumaPay?

LumaPay enables healthcare organizations to offer patients an easy, text-first way to pay their bills – with no logins, sticky notes, or headaches. LumaPay complements other self-pay options a healthcare organization may already be offering, including payment through the patient portal, by providing another convenient way to pay to meet patients’ different needs and preferences.

LumaPay automatically requests copays from patients with upcoming appointments via text message, and then collects the copay via text message links that integrate with the healthcare provider’s payments system. At launch, LumaPay supports healthcare payment and revenue cycle management systems from eClinicalWorks and NextGen, with plans to include additional EHRs in the next phase of rollout.

TIM COX | on behalf of Luma Health |

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