Build lasting patient relationships with your vaccination program

Few Moments of Care are as Emotionally Powerful as This One

The experience you create will leave a lasting impression. Good or bad. That’s why health systems, governments, and providers choose Luma Health to run their mass vaccination site or help their clinics scale from hundreds to thousands of appointments.


Being in the heart of NYC, we knew it was going to be overwhelming… we needed speed, scalability, and flexibility, without sacrificing the experience patients had with Montefiore.”


Adrin Mammen,  Associate VP, Patient Access Transformation Officer



Most of the people you vaccinate will have never interacted with you before. Make it count.
It starts by choosing this moment to be the first of many

Why Cook County Health switched from a one-off point solution to our flexible platform.


The four capabilities your vaccine management system needs

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is a powerful and positive moment of care. It’s going to leave a lasting impression. We can help you make sure the experience is seamless.
Book thousands of appointments in an instant with Patient Scheduling+

You need scheduling capabilities that can handle the load, take the load off your call center, and route your population to the right place.

We’ve got you covered. Check eligibility and schedule appointments en masse. All integrated with your EHR, of course.

Make sure patients show up for their shots with Automated Reminders

It’s hard to know exactly when supply will come. When it does, you’ll schedule thousands of people on Monday for appointments on Wednesday.

Our Automated Appointment Reminders make sure patients get everything they need to show up at the right time and place – ensuring no shot goes to waste.

Let patients know the exact moment they’re eligible with Smart Waitlists

Not everyone is eligible to get their shots right now. And it’d be a poor experience for everyone if patients called in everyday and tried to schedule. That’s where our smart waitlist capability comes in.

Whether that patient comes from a scheduling or broadcast form, we can ask them if they’d like to join a waitlist based on their answers. We’ll tag them and help you send out a scheduling link when they become eligible.

Keep your vaccination efforts nimble with Broadcast Messaging

As we’ve seen with snow storms and vaccine shortages, things can change on a dime. You’ll need to get a message out to your community quickly.

With Broadcast Messaging, you can send unlimited messages at once. And don’t worry, your message will be sent in the native language of your patient.

Everything Your Team Needs to Run a Scaled, Flexible Vaccination Program

Screening and Consent

Zero Contact Workflows

Collaborative Chat

Interactive Patient Texting

Second Dose Reminders

Powered by deep EHR integrations

We are the world’s largest users of leading EHR APIs to power your vaccine workflows and automate patient communications.

Need something? We've got you covered.

Check out our regularly updated Vaccine Operations Resources hub to jumpstart your vaccine program.

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