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Vaccine Operations

Vaccinating your community, MEETING NEW CHALLENGES

Reaching your patients where they are, for COVID-19 vaccinations and beyond

New COVID-19 variants make it ever more critical to reach patients who haven’t yet been vaccinated, address ongoing updates to health recommendations, and prepare for potential fluctuations in patient volumes. Meanwhile, you’re the trusted source patients look to as they prepare to return to in-person school and work. 

Tailored, personal text-first outreach helps you connect with patients at scale – no matter how the pandemic evolves.

Being in the heart of NYC, we knew it was going to be overwhelming… we needed speed, scalability, and flexibility, without sacrificing the experience patients had with Montefiore.”

Adrin Mammen,  Associate VP, Patient Access Transformation Officer


A platform to reach patients for COVID-19 vaccinations and beyond

Whether your community is experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, new public health guidance, or renewed interest in vaccinations and potential booster shots, we can help you connect with patients and keep them up to date. 

UCSD Health has kept patients in the loop by text throughout pandemic-related changes, including vaccinations.


The unified capabilities you need to reach more patients

Make it easy for patients to get care – whether from a referral, open scheduling, or your waitlist – and communicate with patients, all from one platform.
Easy, convenient self-scheduling with Patient Scheduling+

When patients can easily find and schedule an appointment time that works for them, they’re more likely to come in – whether for a COVID-19 vaccination or a routine visit.

Keep your schedule filled with text-based open scheduling that integrates directly with your EHR – no manual phone calls needed.

Make sure patients know when to come in with automated reminders

Patients have busy schedules, so reminders help you keep your schedule spots filled and offer canceled appointments to those who need them.

Automated reminders free up your staff from manual phone calls while making sure your clinic schedules stay full as you open up.

Get patients in the door sooner with
Smart Waitlists

For patients who are returning to in-person school or work and need to check in with a trusted provider, getting in sooner might be just what the doctor ordered.

With Smart Waitlists, patients can get a text when an appointment opens up sooner – getting them the care they need and avoiding wasted schedule spots.

Keep your vaccination efforts nimble with Broadcast Messaging

Have extra vaccine doses that need to be used quickly?

Broadcast messaging helps you get the word out to thousands of patients at once, so doses don’t go to waste and more people in your community get vaccinated.

Everything Your Team Needs to Manage Ongoing Vaccinations and Keep Clinics Running Smoothly

Screening and Consent

Zero Contact Workflows

Collaborative Chat

Interactive Patient Texting

Second Dose Reminders

Powered by deep EHR integration

We are the world’s largest users of leading EHR APIs to power your vaccine workflows and automate patient communications.

Need something? We've got you covered.

Our resource hub can get you started.

Sample Message Library

Vaccine Readiness Checklist

Cook County Health Case Study

Vaccine Solution Sheet

Learn how East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, a leading FQHC, uses automation and patient self-scheduling to fill vaccination appointments without manual intervention from staff