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patients served across 600+ organizations
more referred patients seen after 6 months with Luma
messages orchestrating patient journeys
average revenue increase
The business of healthcare continues to change. We need to support our practices in delivering a digital patient journey, and Luma helps us remain competitive as we grow."
— Rich Weissmark, VP of Strategic Operations
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Health Systems

Luma helps you make a big difference right away for patients with delightful experiences and efficient care. We’ll help you design a consistently delightful experience across the enterprise that keeps patients coming back.

Before & After
Overwhelmed call centers
Automated, guided patient journeys
High patient-to-staff ratio
Less on staff’s plates
High leakage, low brand loyalty
Easy access and retention across service lines
Key Benefits
  • Install quickly and easily
  • Integrate with your EHR workflows
  • Scale up, from wherever you start
Capability Highlights
  • Online Scheduling
  • Automated Appt Management
  • Broadcast Messaging
From the Community

“We’re constantly evolving and creating new ways for patients to engage with us in the channel of their choice. We have to think about patient experience differently and see what’s possible.”

— Adrin Mammen, Associate Vice President, Patient Access Transformation Officer

Personalized patient outreach is driven via integration with Franciscan's Epic EHR - no sharing data files or HL7 feeds.

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Kelsey-Seybold welcomes a growing patient population with automated welcome calls and multilingual outreach.

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Text-based outreach to referred patients and mobile prep before procedures has reduced imaging no-shows by 20%.

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Reaching underserved patients


Bring more patients in for the care and resources you provide. With Luma, you can reach them no matter where they are in their journey, what language they speak, or what communication channel they prefer.

Before & After
Struggling to reach patients
Serving more patients
Under-used care resources
Greater adoption of whole-person care
Infrequent visits and care gaps
Consistent ongoing care and maximized reimbursement
Key Benefits
  • Extend your staff's reach
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Drive quality-based reimbursement
Capability Highlights
  • Multilingual Messaging
  • Attribution Campaigns
  • Care Gap Outreach
From the Community

“Reaching our elderly patients - in both English and Spanish - was so easy with Luma. This is the highest engagement I've ever seen.”

— Gaby Bernal, Chief Operating Officer

Valley-Wide automatically sends details about WIC program eligibility to families with young children.

GPW saved $30,000 in revenue over 7 months by trading manual phone calls for automated outreach integrated with eClinicalWorks.

Multilingual reminders helped Salud reach more patients. Nearly half of patients confirm appointments via text.

Growing with confidence

Specialty Clinics

Getting in the door for specialty care can be one of the more painful parts of a patient's experience. Making it seamless and simple creates loyal patients and providers, building your brand to keep them coming back.

Before & After
Unused high-value schedule spots
Full schedule and increased revenue
Manual tasks for FTEs
Streamlined funnel for high-value appointments
Few online reviews
High brand awareness and 5-star reputation
Key Benefits
  • Reduce manual work
  • Get patients in sooner
  • Guide the care journey
Capability Highlights
  • New Patient Scheduling
  • Referral Reminders
  • Feedback and Reputation Management
From the Community

“Luma is helping us accomplish our triple aim: improved patient experience, reduced patient cost, and improved patient outcomes.”

— Dr. Medhavi Jogi, Co-founder and practicing endocrinologist
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Mobile intake has virtually eliminated waiting room bottlenecks. Extra space has been converted to PT rooms.

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With automatic post-visit follow-up, North Florida Women's Care has increased their online reviews to an all-time high.

Short-staffed clinics freed up 20 hours per week in manual phone calls with automated reminders and follow-up.

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