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An engine for patient success


Taps into your existing systems

Luma lives where your staff works.
It’s embedded in your EHR and respects your existing workflows.
Your system of record is the source of truth.
The integration is real-time and API-first, so Luma is as flexible as your day-to-day operations.
You already know your patients.
Details you already have create journeys that feel empathetic and specific to them, whether that’s their unique language needs, communication preferences, and more.


Works together as a set

Luma is a one-stop shop built under one roof.
As new needs come up, address them without stacking on additional point solutions.
Start anywhere, then build.
Your organization’s needs are unique. Wherever you start, connect to other Luma capabilities or your tech stack.
Connected and integrated for better insights.
Great experiences appear effortless, no matter what happens behind the scenes. Luma brings in insights from across your tech stack so your staff stay up-to-date more easily.


Moves journeys forward, hands-free

We’ll take manual tasks off your plate.
Rules-based outreach and workflows mean less time spent on follow-up, and more time face-to-face with patients.
Luma guides each patient's unique journey.
Each patient’s journey is different – Luma accounts for their needs and your pre-built workflows.
A consistent, curated patient experience, even after hours.
Luma serves as your digital concierge. When patients need to speak to your clinicians or staff, handoff is seamless.

An open platform plays well with others

Built for safety, security, and scalability

Single sign-on ready
No single point of failure
Monitored 24/7/365
Easy EHR configuration
API documentation
HIPAA-secure enclave
SOC2 Type II certified
99.9% patient communication SLA
Multi-region backup and disaster recovery
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