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-7.5 hours of staff call time saved each day

-158% increase in patient feedback responses

-22,682 patients received recall reminders in one year with Luma

Northfield Hospital + Clinics saved 80 hours in manual reminder calls per month.

-107% increase in form completion rate

-Over 4,000 patients a month receive broadcast messaging

-Diabetes prevention program patient engagement increased by 300%

-1 in 3 patients on the waitlist opted for an earlier appointment time

-0.52% no-show rate with Luma reminders

-97% Net Promoter Score

-$1.8 million estimated additional revenue from automated/online scheduling 

-1,500+ Tenafly Pediatrics patients book online every month 

-92.82 Net Promoter Score

-Over 90% of Phelps Memorial patients confirm their appointment with a Luma reminder.

-84% of patients who receive intake forms from Luma complete them ahead of their appointment.

-Phelps Memorial reaches over 98% of their patient population using Luma outreach.

-Houston ENT & Allergy earned $1.2 million in additional revenue from Smart Waitlist

-$1.8 million saved from prevented no-show appointments

-50% drop in abandoned calls

60% of referred patients booked an appointment using Luma.

With Luma, the average in-office intake process decreased from 15 minutes to 4 minutes.

Maury Regional Health reduced no-shows by 66% while doubling appointment volume. 

-Ryan Health reaches patients in 35+ different languages using Luma.

-73% of patients respond to reminder messages sent in Spanish.

-Better schedule utilization increased revenue by more than $300,000 within six months.

-With Luma, 78% of GRMG patients respond to messages and appointment reminders.

-45% of manual outreach work has been eliminated.

PATHS uses Luma to empower patients in their care journeys, with 60% of patients opting in to waitlist offers.

Reducing no-show appointments with Luma saves LEC an average of $12,500 per month.

Cook County Health manages communication across 300+ locations and 1,500+ providers using Luma.

-CRH has reduced no-shows by more than 40%

-CRH staff saves an average of more than 1,052 hours per month that they can now spend face-to-face with patients.   

Mississippi Urology Clinic fills 45% of appointment offers with Luma.

Tribe 513 fills 95% of waitlist appointments with Luma, keeping their schedules full.

How CEENTA stays competitive across the Carolinas and brings in patients with high online reviews

Appointment reminders helped reduce over 20 hours per week of additional staff time at SGS.

With Luma, 1 in 3 lost leads returned to become Optima patients.

GPW Health Center gained $30,000 in revenue in 7 months with patient self-scheduling.

-AVH uses Luma to reach more patients and schedule 30% more preventive screenings.

-With Luma, 38% of newly attributed patients made a care appointment.

-In two months with Luma, OrthoNebraska patients scheduled more than 900 appointments online.

-92% of overnight stay patients recommend OrthoNebraska via automated requests for feedback – a 20% difference from the national average.

Montefiore improves patient experience from the digital front door through the entire care journey.

Luma freed up hundreds of staff hours now spent with patients, helping Seaview serve more people.

-With providers and patients on the same page beforehand, visits have dropped from 90 to 15 minutes.

-With Luma, HTES staff no longer needs to call patients with pre-appointment reminders, which saves an average of 10 hours each day of staff time.

-CommuniCare saved 6,000 hours of staff time in reminder calls by switching to automated reminders.

-In 2 months, more than 5,000 family medicine and pediatric appointments were booked with Luma.

-Kelsey-Seybold Clinic reaches an average of more than 200,000 unique patients each month with Luma Health.

 -On average, nearly 60% of patients respond to customized care reminders.

Providing a digital experience is a must for Banner Health to meet the expectations of patients.

With Luma text reminders, Franciscan Health sees a nearly 70% click-through rate – about 50% more than emails

Gastro Health automatically reaches out to patients on the waitlist if a sooner appointment opens up, filling about 45% of last-minute openings.