St. Paul Eye Clinic has served patients in Minnesota and Wisconsin for over fifty years, and was ready to modernize
their manual patient communication workflows.

Maury Regional Health, a not-for-profit health system in a crowded Nashville-area healthcare market, provides high-quality health services for any patient need. With a wide variety of services and locations, MRH needed an automated way to reach patients and keep schedules full.

Focusing on their underserved neighbors without insurance coverage, the team at Ryan Health often makes real-time decisions to meet an immediate need in their community. Using Luma, they reach patients quickly to fill schedules and bring patients in for preventive care.

With Luma, 78% of GRMG patients respond to messages and appointment reminders.

PATHS uses Luma to empower patients in their care journeys, with 60% of patients opting in to waitlist offers.

Laurel Eye Clinic fills schedule spots and saves thousands in revenue each month.

CCH handles high patient volumes with simple, streamlined communication connected with Cerner.

Partnering with Luma Health and Chi-Matic, a revenue cycle consulting firm, CRH updated its communication with patients to provide one consistent experience.

With Luma, MUC makes scheduling specialty care easy for their high volume of referred patients.

How Tribe 513 fills 95% of waitlist appointments with Luma, keeping their schedules full.

How CEENTA stays competitive across the Carolinas and brings in patients with high online reviews

Learn how appointment reminders helped reduce over 20 hours per week of additional staff time at SGS.

With Luma, 1 in 3 lost leads returned to become Optima patients.

GPW Health Center gained $30,000 in revenue in 7 months with patient self-scheduling.

AVH uses Luma to reach more patients and schedule 30% more preventive screenings.

In two months with Luma, OrthoNebraska patients scheduled more than 900 appointments online.

How research participants completed 22.8% more surveys with Luma than with app reminders alone.

Montefiore improves patient experience from the digital front door through the entire care journey.

How NFLWC increased scheduled referrals by 25%, gaining $10,000 in monthly revenue.

Luma freed up hundreds of staff hours now spent with patients, helping Seaview serve more people.

HTES increased availability by sending pre-appointment materials and reminders with Luma.

CommuniCare saved 6,000 hours of staff time in reminder calls by switching to automated reminders.

How Kelsey-Seybold reaches an average of more than 200,000 unique patients each month with Luma Health.

Providing a digital experience is a must for Banner Health to meet the expectations of patients.

How Franciscan Health improves the patient and staff experience with EHR-integrated communication.

Luma helps Gastro Health patients schedule and prepare for care, across more than 150 locations.

SRCH used Luma Health to bring in nearly 1,000 patients for vaccinations in a matter of days.