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Luma Health provides no-fuss communication tools via text messaging and secure chat (yup, it’s all HIPAA-compliant). Stay connected without tricky patient portals or third-party apps.

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Luma Health can supercharge your EHR to automate what matters. Whether it’s tackling that pile of referrals or finding a smoother way to fill cancelled appointments, Luma Health can handle the nitty gritty all without you ever picking up the phone.

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Better MIPS score = More revenue. Luma Health is designed with MACRA in mind, so you can build stronger patient relationships. We want patients to love you and keep coming back.

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Incomplete Referrals

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We ❤️ Happy Clinics

“We’ve already filled 30+ appointments that have directly generated about $7.5k in revenue. When we can’t see a patient as soon as they’d like, we add them to the waitlist and Luma does the job for us!”

Ryan Cozzolino

Ryan Cozzolino

Practice Manager
Arizona Center for Urology

“Patients would leave us sweet notes in our office but we struggled to get them online to leave a review. Now, we can get feedback right after their appointments on our Google page!”

Christel C. Malinski, MD

Christel C. Malinski, MD

Benson Dermatology

“We see almost 2,000 patients monthly so both of our clinics are very high volume. I no longer have to deal with Excel trying to keep track of patients, and you’ve saved me hours of time!”

Vanessa Esteves

Vanessa Esteves

Medical Director
Oregon Integrated Health

“As a leading endocrinology clinic with advanced techniques in diabetic care, Luma helped us stay on top of communication technology in a way that our patients expected from us.”

Medhavi Jogi, MD

Medhavi Jogi, MD

Clinic Owner
Houston Thyroid & Endocrine Specialists

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