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The Patient Success Platform

Connect the access, operational, clinical, and financial journeys to attract, guide, and keep patients.

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Attract patients and keep schedules full

Patient Scheduling

Text and web scheduling
Rules-based, EHR-integrated scheduling guides patients to the right time for them, with the right provider.
Interactive notifications let patients know when they've been referred, book, and get real-time confirmation. Providers are in the loop at every step.
Smart waitlist
Patients on the waitlist automatically get offers that match the appointment type they’re looking for.
Actionable reminders
Automatic, customized reminders integrated with your EHR schedule get more patients in the door and reduce no-shows.
Cancellation management
Luma responds to cancellations with upcoming slots that match the original — all the patient has to do is choose one.

Simplify the financial experience, for everyone

Financial Journey

Payment (+ support for more EHRs coming soon)
Remind patients to pay, then collect payments via forms, 1:1 chat or the EHR.
Verification (Coming soon)
Reduce financial risk, increase revenue and streamline staff workflow with real-time insurance eligibility verification.
Eligibility (Coming soon)
Electronic prior auth and a guided workflow that auto-fills payer data makes sure patients are ready for care when they arrive.
Estimates (Coming soon)
Offer patients billing transparency with estimates at scheduling.

Have text-first conversations anywhere, anytime

Conversational Messaging

Patient-initiated texting
New and existing patients can start the conversation with your organization.
One-to-many outreach lets you update patients about closures, tell them about new service lines, or remind them about due care.
Feedback and reputation management
Patients are automatically encouraged to share feedback, helping you improve and boosting positive online reviews.
Secure patient-provider chat
Providers securely two-way chat with patients, web-to-text.
Multilingual messaging
Let patients engage with their care in 20+ languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Bengali, and Khmer.

Guide patients and prepare them for care

Operational and Clinical Forms

EHR Forms™
Intake data – new patient packets, prior auths, consents, and more – flows directly to your EHR via open standards and CCDA exchange.
Mobile check-in
Mobile check-in simplifies appointment day: patients text when they arrive, get updates from staff members, complete forms, and even video chat with staff or providers.
Patient intake
Online, mobile-first patient intake makes appointment day simpler for patients and gives providers information ahead of time.
Health risk assessments
Patients can automatically get the right health screenings and assessments – for example, for cancer or diabetes risk – via HIPAA-compliant text or email. Responses are stored in your EHR.


Understand and analyze the patient journey

  • Overview and detail reports
  • Patient Success Dashboard
  • Luma in Your EHR
  • Patient Journey View
  • Data warehouse and business intelligence


24/7 web concierge

  • The entire Patient Success Platform, bot-sized
  • Customizable chat flows in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • EHR integration means more informed conversations and no double-documentation

The building blocks for every patient’s journey

Find a fit for every one of your unique patients.

Josiah, 22
Josiah, 22
College athlete
Baltimore, MD
Evelyn, 63
Evelyn, 63 Retired Stillwater, OK
Nia, 42
Nia, 42 Mom of 2 Los Angeles, CA

Use Cases

The building blocks add up to something greater

Whatever use case or workflow you're looking to solve for, you can do it with Luma.

  • Digital Front Door
  • Patient Engagement
  • Recall and Attribution
  • Vaccine Operations
  • Population Health
  • Campaigns
  • Pre- and Post-Care Messaging
  • Patient Education
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes
  • …and more
Using Luma, we’re improving workflows we already have and thinking creatively about redesigning others…
I see the art of the possible.”
Adrin Mammen,
AVP, Patient Access Transformation Officer

Introducing LumaKits™

Community-designed use cases, ready to go
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