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Simplify digital transformation

Drive revenue, improve outcomes, and create loyal patients with text-first, EHR-integrated workflows for both patients and staff.

“We have a responsibility to deliver a connected experience.”

Stacy Porter  |  Vice President, Digital Health Solutions, University Hospitals

The Patient Success Platform for Health Systems

A system of action to maximize your systems of record
The Luma platform extends and enhances your underlying digital infrastructure. Simple, integrated, text-based workflows empower patients to take action — without the need for manual staff intervention.

Integrated with EHR + tech stack

Integration with leading EHRs, including Epic, Cerner, and Meditech, takes work off your call centers. Customizable workflows fit your unique priorities and processes, connecting Luma to your CRM, digital front door, patient portal, and more.

Built under one roof

Every module works together to make adding capabilities painless, even as you expand. Powerful workflows connect more parts of the patient journey. Your staff won’t be switching tools.

Enterprise experience

Luma puts the power in your users’ hands to adjust, brand, and customize. Data-driven best practices guide our implementations led by enterprise experts, and flexible settings meet your organization’s unique needs

Success at every level

Patient Success

Giving patients 24/7 access, in the channels they prefer, creates more patient satisfaction and loyalty and builds your brand as a leading health system.

Juggling portals, sites, and apps
Seamless experience
Waiting for your business hours
24/7 convenience
Advocating for their own care
Partnering with you
Staff Success

With health systems struggling to recruit limited staff, it's critical to reach patients with less manual intervention. Automated touchpoints and the full patient conversation visible right in your Epic or Cerner chart reduce the load on your staff.

Manual follow-up
Automated, EHR-integrated outreach
Missing patient context
Visibility into each touchpoint
Time on phone
Time with patient
System Success

It's more important than ever to gain and retain both patients and staff. Powerful, SMS-first workflows integrated with your existing systems solve inefficiencies, keep high-value appointments full, and improve experience.

Holes in your schedule
Full schedules and lower costs
Subset of patients use portal
Key functionality extended to all patients
High leakage, low brand loyalty
Easy access and retention across service lines

We’re constantly evolving and creating new ways for patients to engage with us in the channel of their choice. We have to think about patient experience differently and see what’s possible.”

Adrin Mammen
Former Associate Vice President, Patient Access Transformation Officer

What sets Luma apart

Install quickly and easily, at any point in your EHR lifecycle

Install quickly and easily, at any
point in your EHR lifecycle
(Go-live, upgrades, maintenance, etc.)

Integrate with your EHR workflows

Integrate with your
EHR workflows

Scale up, from wherever you start

Scale up, from
wherever you start

Extend to affiliate partners

Extend to
affiliate partners

Key Benefits for Health Systems

  • Bring in new, existing, and referred patients with easy scheduling and appointment management.
  • Take hours of phone calls off your staff’s plates with automated reminders, waitlist offers, and instructions.
  • Automatically fill open schedule slots, without manual intervention from staff, through EHR integration and automated workflows.
  • Text-first communication in the patient’s preferred language creates the experience they expect and makes it easy to connect with you.
  • Simple, one-to-many communication frees staff up from phone calls, and keeps the EHR as the source of truth.
  • A longitudinal patient view and integration with the chart keeps staff in the loop about who interacted with the patient and when for a better patient and staff experience.
  • Easy online intake, insurance and document capture, and communication get patients ready for appointment day before they arrive.
  • Automated reminders to complete online check-in or prepare for appointments reduce pre-appointment phone calls, wait times, and transcription.
  • Better communication and less paper keeps your schedule moving, avoids delays, and maximizes your staff’s time and resources.

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Text-based outreach to referred patients and mobile prep before procedures has reduced imaging no-shows by 20%.

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