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Solutions for Specialty Clinics


Helping you create efficiencies through automation is ours.

Specialty clinics like yours partner with Luma Health to streamline workflows and offer more timely access to the specialized care patients need. Our industry-leading technology platform and deep understanding of the challenges facing specialty clinics make us the company healthcare clinics rely on for support.

  • We help maximize your schedule’s capacity and see patients sooner
  • Our innovative technology drives patient engagement and access
  • We specialize in helping clinics automate processes and improve efficiency

Luma Health is Trusted by Clinics that Need
Assistance Navigating Care Delivery Challenges

Hundreds of specialty clinics across the nation use Luma Health’s Total Patient Engagement Platform

Clinics schedule appointments for referred patients up to 14 days sooner with Luma Health’s solution

We Specialize In Specialty Clinics

From cardiology to pain medicine, we’ve got you covered. A range of specialty practices rely on Luma Health, including clinics that specialize in:




ENT and Allergy





Pain Medicine

Solving the Challenges that Impact You

From care and revenue disruptions, to implementing new safety protocols, clinics face countless challenges. Having solutions in place that address obstacles while driving efficiency across communication, scheduling, and care delivery is essential.

Communicating with Patients and Scheduling Care

COVID-19 forced cancellations and clinic closures. To help with recall, rescheduling, and referral management, Luma Health has tips and tools for leveraging mass messaging and automating outreach via text-first communications.

Care Between In-Person Appointments

Telehealth and remote patient monitoring are rapidly increasing in popularity because of their benefits to patients and clinics. Luma Health offers technology and best practices to help you master these modern methods of care delivery and expand patient access.

Improving Operational Efficiency

Clinics need to operate at full capacity. That means converting referrals into appointments quickly, reducing patient no-shows, and automatically refilling appointment cancellations with waitlisted patients. Improve efficiencies with our tools, tips and technology.

Ensuring Efficiency and Access at Every Step

Luma Health’s solution works across every step of the patient journey.

Innovative Solutions for Specialty Care Clinics

Referral Management

Automated outreach and scheduling helps you connect with referred patients and get them care sooner.

Telehealth Visits

HIPAA-compliant virtual
visits offer a convenient alternative to in-person appointments.

Zero Contact Check In

Digitize check-in and complete patient intake forms electronically to maintain social distancing.

Patient Monitoring Surveys

Surveys allow you to monitor patients remotely to determine if they are experiencing health issues.

Patient Screening Surveys

Screening surveys identify COVID-19 exposure risks and route patients to the appropriate care setting.

Patient Feedback Surveys

Feedback surveys help capture patients’ perspectives on care, while driving higher HCAHPS scores.

Chronic Care Education

Educational content distributed to patients through a cadence of communication for ongoing support.

Preventive Care Scheduling

EHR data triggers automatic, self-scheduling for patients due for preventive exams or screenings.

Broadcast Messaging

Automated messaging enables you to reach all of your patients, or specific groups of patients, in 20+ languages.

Patient-Centric Chat

Two-way chat engages patients, and quickly connects healthcare providers to coordinate care.

Appointment Reminders, Refill, and Waitlist

Automated outreach helps recall and reschedule patients, while filling cancellations with waitlisted patients.

Notifications for Lab Results and Medications

Automated alerts notify patients about the status of lab tests and the availability of prescriptions. 

Join These Specialty Clinics Getting
Noticeable Results with Luma Health

Tennessee Urology

Achieved 95% referral conversion using Luma Health’s platform

Pima Heart
and Vascular

Saw their patient outreach response rates jump to 82%

Toledo Clinic

Captured positive patient feedback with Luma Health’s platform to earn a 91 NPS

North Florida
Women’s Care

Cut no-shows in half and scheduled
25% more referrals


Generated a patient response to 72% of outreach text messages

GI Specialists
of Georgia

Reduced no-show rate by 22% easily increased the scheduled referrals

Luma Health’s solution is quick to implement.
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