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Montefiore Health System Vaccine Operation Case Study

Montefiore Health System

Vaccine Operations Case Study

How Montefiore Health System used Luma Health to create a scalable vaccination program for a city devastated by COVID-19

About Montefiore Health Systems

Montefiore Health System is one of the top ranked health systems nationally, providing high quality care to its patients for the past 100 years. Located in the heart of New York City, they are also among the top employers in the city. The center has been at the frontline of COVID-19- treating patients, preventing spread, and now, vaccinations.

Montefiore’s call centers were flooded with calls from eager patients seeking the vaccine

Early November 2020, even before the vaccine was approved, patients were calling up Montefiore’s COVID-19 hotline, seeking the vaccine. Once the vaccine became available in December, their call center was overwhelmed. Concerned patients and caregivers were constantly calling, trying to schedule an appointment.

The team collaborated with Luma Health to design a solution that could:

Enable phase-eligible patients to schedule their appointments online (starting with their employees and associates)

Add currently ineligible patients to a waitlist, to contact them when it’s their turn to vaccinate

Scale according to the demand, and be flexible to align with the ever-evolving NY State guidelines

Seamlessly integrate with their EHR, Epic

Luma Health built a scalable solution in under two weeks

Luma Health developed a customized solution for Montefiore Health System, based on their requirements, aligned to their workflows.

The self-scheduling portal designed for them was user-friendly, and ensured only eligible patients could schedule their appointments

Non-eligible patients were placed on a Smart Waitlist and tagged with labels for future targeting

The solution integrated seamlessly into Epic, their EHR

The platform today automates a massive vaccination drive, serving the population of NYC

Within two months, the platform delivered significant results for Montefiore Health System, including:

150k+ patients

engaged for their vaccinations

210K+ screening forms

completed online


15000+ vaccine appointments

facilitated, handing over 10 appointments per minute


Luma Health’s Vaccine Operations Solution powers two large New York City hospitals, Ryan Health and Montefiore Health System. More than half a million patients, originating from NYC’s Vaccine Finder, have been served by Luma Health in the past two months.