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Luma Health has clients from all specialties across the entire nation. We have deep integration with 50+ EMRs and can pull data in real-time on demographics, scheduling info, diagnostics, and even procedures. This combination gives Luma Health a unique insight into health-related data.

As we’ve started working on various internal projects, we’ve realized the potential that our data carries. We want to foster an open relationship with the greater health research community and would like to share our insights to drive better health outcomes widely.

Below are the current projects that we have been working on.
Feel free to reach out if any of these may be of interest.

Remote Monitoring of Symptoms in Oncology Patients

Patients undergoing chemotherapy are at high risk for developing side effects and complications, which can go undetected at the time of evaluation. Recent papers show that remotely monitoring these symptoms can help to improve survival rates. Unfortunately, many of these studies only looked at small subsets of patients. They were also primarily conducted at academic centers and leveraged home grown technologies. We are looking to recruit clinics to reproduce these results in wider variety of patients and settings.

Ridesharing’s Impact on Cancellations

Patient access due to transportation issues is a real challenge in the healthcare world. Having recently partnered with Lyft, Luma Health is empowering patients of our clinics to request rides via text messaging to help them get to the care that they need. We are currently recruiting clinics to pilot this study.

Predicting Cancellations and Health Outcomes

Patients cancelling appointments has an enormous impact on a clinic’s workflow and finances. However, one impact that tends to get lost in this is the actual health outcome of the patient. Poor appointment adherence is tied to poor health outcomes. This has been proven in HIV positive patients. We are interested in looking at other disease entities/measures such as diabetes/Hgb1c levels and hypertension/blood pressure control.

Digging Into Why Patients Cancel

We’ve found that patients tend to cancel appointments at or right before their actual appointment. This is why pre-appointment reminder notifications work so well at reducing cancellations. However, these are not the only reasons that patients cancel. In particular, there may be areas for clinics to improve on reducing cancellations by addressing issues of health literacy. Delivering the right message at the right time is vital.

Patient Satisfaction Based on Yelp

Using available data from Yelp, we looked at healthcare patient satisfaction scores and compared them to satisfaction scores in other industries. We differentiated by medical specialty as well. Our data and insights were featured on Becker’s Hospital Review.

Additionally, we created a tool that allows medical practices to rank themselves against other similar practices. We are also using NLP tools to find out the most common complaints for practices on Yelp. Our hypothesis is that most complaints stem from non-care delivery issues such as parking or scheduling.

Increasing HCAHPS Survey Responses

Traditional methods for collecting patient feedback have many drawbacks including poor patient response rates and delays in getting actionable data for providers and clinics. We are experimenting with an SMS driven survey tool based on the standardized HCAHPS system.

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