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Have you been longing for a single platform that integrates well with MEDITECH Expanse for patient access, communications, and readiness, instead of having to move in and out of your EHR for various solutions?

Meet Luma Health.

Luma Health is a MEDITECH Alliance Partner that has co-developed many of the bi-directional APIs alongside MEDITECH so that your staff can stay in the EHR whether it’s for patient self-scheduling or intake forms. And our easy platform allows for a consumer experience, not just for providers, but for your patients too.

If you aren’t offering your patients a concierge experience, they’re going to go somewhere else. Don’t let that happen. Prevent patient churn and staff burnout with the Luma Health platform, which connects every touch point in MEDITECH Expanse to deliver an easy convenient experience.

You’ve got the bedside manner covered, let us take care of the rest.

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The Luma Health + MEDITECH Expanse combo is the end-to-end solution that regional hospitals like Northfield Hospital + Clinics are starting to turn to. Why? Northfield needs automated EHR workflows that can help them stand out in a crowded healthcare market full of enterprise health systems.

Here are a few of those success stories.

After working with Luma Health, Northfield Hospital + Clinics saw:

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Front door, side door, garage door, it doesn’t matter. MEDITECH + Luma = patient access across the entire digital continuum.

Imagine your EHR workflows automatically driving improved access to care, communication, and readiness for all your patients and not-yet-patients. As Alliance Partners who co-developed bidirectional APIs with MEDITECH expanse, Luma is positioned to extend and enhance MEDITECH Expanse for both your patients and your providers.

But wait, it gets better. Since Luma also has a full platform that only requires one integration – no HL7 needed – all solutions live under one roof.

Say goodbye to one-off point solutions. And say hello to a single end-to-end platform connecting every touch point to deliver a consumer experience in the patient journey orchestration.

Say hello to MEDITECH + Luma.

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-Over 90% of Phelps Memorial patients confirm their appointment with a Luma reminder.

-84% of patients who receive intake forms from Luma complete them ahead of their appointment.

-Phelps Memorial reaches over 98% of their patient population using Luma outreach.

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