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Our simple, intuitive platform is flexible enough to meet all of your patient access and communication needs—from patient scheduling to patient communication and everything in between.

Patient Scheduling


Patient Scheduling

Deliver the convenience of online self-scheduling that today’s patients expect. With interactive text messaging, automatically match patients with the right available appointments, fill cancellations, and give patients control over their scheduling.

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Guide patients to the right appointment slot with the right provider based on each patient’s unique needs and your unique scheduling workflow. Learn More
Prompt patients to use the online scheduler to conveniently cancel, reschedule, or make new appointments. Learn More
Automatically offer appointment slots that have been cancelled to the next patient waiting in line for that exact appointment type, provider, and location. Learn More


Patient Scheduling

Drive referred patients to self-schedule at their convenience. Reduce call volumes, minimize referral leakage, and eliminate phone tag while getting more referred patients in for care.

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Easily convert referrals by leveraging automated text messaging to reach out and prompt referred patients to schedule appointments. Learn More
Let Luma Health automatically contact existing, active patients and direct them to schedule recommended follow-up appointments. Learn More
Improve outreach to attributed patients. Simply upload a list of patients, send personalized invitations to care, and track your results. Learn More
Referral Management
Patient Scheduling


Patient Scheduling

Reduce no-show rates and phone volumes, manage cancellations, and ensure patients are prepared for appointments with next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) Reminders that process and log patient interactions into your EHR in real time.

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Automatically send customized reminders to patients ahead of appointments. Enjoy the ease of interactive reminders that automatically update your EHR when patients confirm or cancel appointments. Learn More
Create and send automated engagement communications to share tailored information with patients prior to appointments or follow up with patients after appointments. Learn More
Pick from 20+ languages and make it easy for patients to understand and engage with your messages. Learn More


Patient Scheduling

Rely on technology to capture needed patient data and support a safer, smoother, contactless check-in process. Collect mobile insurance uploads, patient history, obtain authorizations, and manage chronic conditions.

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Send patients engagement messages — such as appointment reminders — with embedded intake forms they can complete directly from their phones prior to appointments. Learn More
Use screening forms to prescreen patients and identify COVID-related risks ahead of in-person appointments. Learn More
Request and capture photos of insurance cards and licenses in advance to help reduce physical exchanges between patients and staff during appointments. Learn More
Help patients feel comfortable and safe from COVID-19 when visiting your office to get the care they need. Learn More
Virtually increase the size of your waiting room and clinic to accommodate social distancing and safety protocols. Learn More
Referral Management



Reach patients remotely at various touchpoints to provide a seamless experience across the care continuum.

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Give patients a simple and seamless way to access care virtually via HIPAA compliant telehealth appointments. Learn More
Enable patients to join telehealth appointments in one click without having to set up an account or log in to an app or portal. Learn More
Allow patients to invite up to two additional guests to any telehealth visit. Learn More
Send targeted broadcast communications to support chronic patients and drive increased use of preventive care. Learn More
Share relevant educational content with patients tailored to their health and conditions. Leverage EHR data to automatically trigger educational messages. Learn More


Patient Scheduling

Reduce phone volumes and maximize patient outcomes and workflows through automated, actionable conversations via text, email, voice, chat, and virtual visits across the entire patient journey.

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Connect with individual patients using Luma Health’s HIPAA compliant secure chat. Then, manage patient conversations internally and tag staff to triage care. Learn More
Quickly and conveniently push out mass messages digitally to patients when you need to communicate on a one-to-many basis. Learn More
Follow-up after appointments to collect feedback and measure satisfaction. Then, encourage highly satisfied patients to share positive reviews online. Learn More
Referral Management


Luma Health connects to over 70 different EHR and PM systems to automate patient communication and unlock valuable insights to improve care.

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Powerful Analytics AND Engagement Insights

With data at your finger tips, you can visualize and track key success metrics around patient engagement and interactions to measure communication effectiveness and ROI, including patient satisfaction via Net Promoter Scores by provider and location.


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