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Reputation Management


Reputation Management

Do you know what your patients are saying about you after they leave your practice? Luma Health gives practices unprecedented insight into what your patients are saying about you and how they feel after seeing one of your providers.


Using Net Promoter Scores to drive reputation management, Luma Health automatically gathers feedback on your practice and drives happy patients to Google, Facebook, Yelp and other sites to rate your practice positively. It also gives unhappy patients a private forum to express their concerns, keeping negative reviews off the web.



Fully automated and patient-friendly, Luma Health’s feedback messages get over a 50% response rate, ensuring your practice gets timely feedback you can act on.


Luma Health prompts happy patients to write positive reviews on the website of your choice and gives unhappy patients a private forum to give feedback.

Net Promoter

Knowing your Net Promoter Score is the first step in understanding your practice’s reputation and being aware of your practice’s word of mouth virality. Strong scores drive new patient visits, keeping your practice busy.