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Converting a referral to a scheduled appointment is a challenging process. Patients never follow up, appointments are missed, and staff lose track with many patients dropping out along the way. Luma Health’s automated referral closes the gap and seamlessly converts your referrals into scheduled appointments.


Luma Health makes it easy and simple to convert referrals to scheduled appointments. Automatically contact referred patients to schedule an appointment. Your staff never have to pick up a phone, and patients close the loop by scheduling appointments on their own, when it’s convenient for them.



No phones needed. No staff time required. Luma Health automatically connects with patients reminding them to book their appointment, so patients don’t fall through the crack.

Patient Focused

Every patient is different. Some patients follow up after one message. Others need multiple reminders. Luma Health’s customizable referral messages get your patients’ attention with the right number of messages needed!

Close the loop

With Luma Health, it’s easy to tell your referring physicians that their patient scheduled an appointment. You have simple-to-read data that you gives you the info you need at a glance.