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Partners in Driving Better Health Outcomes

Our partnerships let providers, patients, and other innovators put healthcare first.
We’ve linked up with awesome folks to better serve the entire healthcare continuum.

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Uber Health

Around 3.6 million patients miss or delay care every year due to lack of reliable and affordable transportation. Uber Health allows providers to offer ride sharing services to patients for whom transportation is getting in the way of care. With the Uber Health-Luma Health integration, patients can accept rides right from a text message—no phone calls or apps required.

With Uber Health & Luma Health, you can:

  • Increase access to care for patients at risk of missing an appointment due to transportation issues
  • Offer rides to those patients through simple text messages within your existing Luma Health workflow
  • Drive down no-shows and boost health outcomes

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Able Health

Able Health is your flexible quality measurement and reporting platform. Whether you are reporting for MIPS, Medicaid, or commercial initiatives, Able Health has you covered.

With Able Health & Luma, you can:

  • Generate gap lists on the quality measures that you are running in Able Health
  • Automatically upload gap lists into Luma campaigns
  • Submit MIPS data to CMS through the Able Health Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR)

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Parasail Health

Parasail offers simple and straightforward plans for financing healthcare with no hidden fees or penalties for prepayment. It’s the easiest way to find the best financing options for your patients.

With Parasail Health & Luma, you can:

  • Maximize your revenue from both scheduling and payment for procedures
  • Send patients a simple link to apply for financing via email or text
  • Easily provide patients with financing options to pay for upcoming procedures

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Healthwise empowers patients for improved outcomes, increased satisfaction, and lower costs with evidence-based patient education that integrates into your existing workflows, including leading EMR platforms.

With Healthwise & Luma, you can:

  • Distribute health content, education, instructions, etc. through Luma’s text-first messaging
  • Embed videos in Luma’s secure chat portal to prepare patients for procedures (pre-appointment, process during appointment, follow-up care post-appointment, medical instructions, etc.)
  • Link procedure/diagnosis/medication texts directly to Healthwise platform

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GoodRx collects drug pricing information and discounts from more than 75,000 pharmacies across the US to help patients find the best price on their prescription. GoodRx can help patients save up to 80% on their prescriptions.

With GoodRx & Luma, you can:

  • Use Luma’s virtual assistant chatbot to automatically message patients via HIPAA compliant messaging to help them get the best pricing on prescriptions on their phones
  • Give patients access to prescription coupons via text message
  • Compare prescription prices at the pharmacies nearest you

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Providers repeat themselves constantly, but patients still forget most of what they learn at the point of care. Vidscrip allows healthcare providers to record their own answers to common medical questions and deliver those answers to patients at critical moments in a care episode.

With Vidscrip & Luma, you can:

  • Record your own answers to common patient questions and provide a personalized care journey
  • Deliver your “vidscrips” to patients through Luma Health’s text-first messaging
  • Connect Luma Health to your EMR and scheduling system to automate “vidscrip” delivery

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