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MEDITECH Expanse in Action – Northfield Hospital + Clinics’ Story

Northfield Hospitals + Clinics leverage the seamless integration and partnership between Luma and MEDITECH.

Luma Health is the only MEDITECH-validated platform and official MEDITECH-Alliance partner that offers a platform of consumer-level self-scheduling, self-cancellation, and self-rebooking. All of which is as easy as texting in a to-go order for lunch.

It gets better. Luma integrates directly with Community-Wide Scheduling in MEDITECH Expanse, so your staff doesn’t have to jump in and out of multiple point solutions. We have a full platform that only requires one integration – No HL7  needed – All of our solutions are under one roof.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Check out what the Director of IT and Project Manager at Northfield Hospital + Clinics have to say about Luma Health’s automated workflow efficiency from within MEDITECH Expanse. In this video, you’ll also hear about some new EHR abilities Northfield Hospital + Clinics has uncovered because of Luma’s Co-Created APIs.

Hint: It’s better patient self-scheduling!

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