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Luma Health is now an official marketplace partner of Greenway.

Patient communication & access solutions built for Greenway

Trusted by over 100,000 providers and health professionals.

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Referral Management

Smart Patient Waitlist

Automate referral outreach and prompt patients to schedule appointments themselves.

Easily fill cancelled appointments with patients on your waitlist who want to come in sooner.

Text messages with Luma Health

Feedback and Reputation Management

Care Pathway Messaging

Deliver targeted clinical and health education content pre- and post-appointment or based on diagnosis codes.

Collect feedback from detractors while driving your best promoters to leave 5-star reviews online.

Powerful Solutions for Greenway

Tap into Luma Health’s powerful suite of solutions that enables care teams to easily manage the patient journey to maximize patient outcomes, grow top-line revenue, reduce cost of care, and boost patient retention.

Benefits to your organization

Ease of Use

Capabilities & Reliabilities

  • Total Patient Engagement Platform for end-to-end access and communication

  • Automatically increase referral conversion and reduce no-shows by over 79%

  • Send systemwide broadcasts to different segments of patients

  • Two-way, real-time integration with Greenway Intergy and Prime Suite

  • Seamlessly navigate our modern, intuitive interface - no downloads required

  • Easily customize your patient messaging, frequency, and timing

  • Generate powerful reports on a visual dashboard

Compliance & Security

Customer Success

  • HIPAA-compliant

  • TCPA-compliant

  • AD/LDAP-supported

  • Data encrypted in motion and at rest with TLS1.2 and AES-256

  • Scalable to eliminate single points of failure and enhance scalability

  • White-glove customer service from Greenway experts

  • Seamless onboarding without the headache

  • Technical support on phone, email, or on-site by account

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure success

Referral Management

Increase referral conversion without the phone tag. Drive your patients to call or book directly with one click and get marked as "Ready to Schedule" as an Greenway referral.

Flexible and customizable

Customize the automated outreach and eliminate outbound phone calls.

Free up your Referral Coordinators

Reduce strain on your Referral Coordinators while increasing revenue by streamlining referral conversion and minimizing referral leakage.

Seamless self-scheduling

Allow patients to seamlessly self-schedule appointments with real-time availability directly from your schedule.

Smart Patient Waitlist

Fill your empty appointment slots or last-minute cancellations with patients waiting to come in sooner.

Fill cancellations and empty slots

Let Luma Health automatically fill last-minute cancellations with a new appointment - all data syncs back to Greenway.

Two ways to fill appointments

Send appointment offers to patients on your waitlist one-by-one or on a first come, first serve basis.

Save staff time and reduce phone calls

Reduce staff time making inefficient phone calls to fill appointments at the last minute. Sit back and watch your schedule fill with patients!

Feedback and Reputation Management

Grow and build a thriving business with happy, loyal patients.

Capture feedback in real-time

After appointments, automatically send text messages straight to patients' phone asking for feedback.

Increase 5-star online reviews

Your happiest patients who rate you 8 or higher out of 10 get prompted to leave positive reviews online (Yelp, Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, etc.).

Collect important information from detractors

Easily send detractors to a form to collect more information from them on how you can improve patient care.

Care Pathway Messages

Ready-to-use, pre-packaged care content based on patient's exact condition or treatment.

Ensure patients get necessary information

From pre-appointment prep, diagnosis, general management tips and more - your patients will never miss out on getting important information right to their phone.

Content for any procedure or use case

Our medically curated content written by Healthline is ready out-of-the-box for any procedure from diabetes to IBS.

Flexible and customizable

Leverage our ready-to-use care content to customize them to your organizations specific needs. 


See how our actionable appointment reminders 

can transform your business results.

  • Reduce no-shows by 79%

  • Unlimited two-way texting

  • Available in over 20 languages

  • Real-time, two-way EHR integration

  • Streamline office workflows

  • Save over 3,480 staff hours per year

Over 100,000 providers love Luma Health

Medhavi J.

Reminders have dramatically reduced the work for the front office. Prior we had staff call everyone to confirm appointments. More reliable than a human to confirm appointments with DEEP Integration with most EMR systems.

Michel R.

Very satisfied with the product. It has decreased our staff time for them to be doing tasks that can easily be handled by the software, helping them to focus on other important items within the office. 

Caitlin B.

We've seen an increase in appointment attendance, a decrease in last minute no-shows/cancellations, and a spike in positive reviews/recommendations. Overall, Luma has been a huge asset to our practice- their customer service is top notch and we're very happy with them!

Bill H.

Completely positive and well received by all staff. This is a no-brainer and one I wish other practices would embrace. We are all busy but at the end of the day, I have a fiduciary responsibility to my board to identify and implement the best technology to help keep the organization successful.

Taylor E. 

I love the self-automation. It's amazing that you can set perimeters to pretty much every function. We LOVE the "Hub" too and being able to communicate with patients through Luma.

Jennifer J.

Our improved Google rating has brought in new patients that may have gone to another practice. Patients appreciate the opportunity to communicate via text and don't have to wait on hold.

Chris G. 

We are able to save employee time by not having to play phone tag with patients. Also, we are able to fill the no show appointment slots much more effectively.

Marlynn M. 

Just do it. Once we began using Luma, our phone calls in and out were fewer as so many calls were to confirm or patients calling to cancel or reschedule their appointments.

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