Luma Health makes it easy and simple to manage the waitlist for your busy practice. Get rid of post-it notes and spreadsheets that never get acted upon, and increase your patient satisfaction today using Luma Health’s automated waitlist.


Keep your practice patient-focused by using Luma Health’s waitlist. Simple-to-use, fully automated, and easily integrated with your EHR/PM system. Your patients get seen sooner and stay connected to the care they need.



Automatically contact patients on your waitlist to fill your schedule. Once a patient confirms they want an appointment, Luma Health automatically books the new appointment in your EHR/PM’s schedule.


One patient prefers Thursdays? Another patient needs an appointment before their authorization expires? No problem! It’s easy to meet your patients’ needs with our flexible waitlist options.


With Luma Health, managing your waitlist is one-click simple. Add patients, and boom! You’re done! Drag and drop to re-order patients, or use our algorithms to find the best candidates.