Patient Success Advocate Profiles highlight the perspectives of providers and healthcare leaders in delivering world-class healthcare access and outcomes.

When you walk into North Florida Women’s Care’s administrative office, the first thing you’d notice on CEO Bill Hambsh’s door is a yellow sign displaying one word: Believe. 

Bill is a fan of the television show Ted Lasso, which features an inspirational American football coach leading a British soccer team to victory. 

“I love Ted Lasso’s leadership style–listening, caring, and motivating. Here at North Florida Women’s Care, belief in our mission is the foundation of our practice. Even though I’m not a clinician by background, I am helping improve the lives of women and babies by making sure everyone has access to the care they need,” said Bill. 

With a background in accounting, Bill works to advance his patient outcomes by evaluating market trends for growth opportunities. 

“By growing our footprint, we can make a bigger difference in our area,” said Bill. 

Tallahassee is home to Florida State University and Florida A&M University, with a combined student population of approximately 55,000 in 2021. Bill saw an urgent need to better reach the student community to bring them in for preventive care. 

“Young people use their phone for everything–they expect to be able to book healthcare from it too. Some of the services we provide, like cancer screenings, might fall lower on a busy college student’s priority list.” said Bill, “But we know how important those are for long-term health.We have to embrace text messaging because it’s just the best, most effective way to get through to patients.”

He started his search for a mobile-first vendor over five years ago and evaluated several options before finding Luma Health: “I have a high degree of expectations when I pick a vendor, especially when it comes to the cost value. Within 10 minutes of the Luma demo, I was just blown away by the capabilities and the quality. Choosing Luma and growing together these last five years has been a no brainer.” 

Bill’s belief in accessible care has become a daily reality at NFLWC, as they now are able to see more new patients than ever before. With Luma, the practice increased scheduled referrals by 25%, gaining $10,000 in monthly revenue. “The growth we’re experiencing is just the beginning, thanks to our collaboration with Luma,” said Bill. 

 Learn more about NFLWC’s outcomes with Luma here: NFLWC + Luma Case Study

WATCH: Bill’s story here

Patient Success Advocate Profiles highlight the perspectives of providers and healthcare leaders in delivering world-class healthcare access and outcomes.

Dr. Medhavi Jogi notices the little things – especially when they could cause bigger issues down the road. This skill has served him well during his years of practice in endocrinology. Dr. Jogi’s reputation for thoughtful care has helped place his practice, Houston Thyroid and Endocrine Specialists, on the map.  

When he founded HTES, he quickly noticed that his patients often faced the challenge of learning about their new diagnosis and managing it. Dr. Jogi tried to empower each person with as much information as he could during their visit, often spending over 90 minutes in a single visit. 

However, “it often became information overload. I’d find myself repeating the same information at each appointment. What I wanted was an automated system to connect with our patients, which in 2009 was crazy talk,” he recalled. 

Dr. Jogi found Luma when looking for a better way to teach patients about new diagnoses.
“I consider myself to be an educator first, and I needed to find a better way to teach my patients,” said Dr. Jogi. “Luma was the solution I’d been looking for since I started my practice.” 

Now, HTES uses Luma to automatically send each new patient an educational video before their visit based on their specific health and appointment needs. “Immediately, we saw outcomes improve – patients were coming to their sessions better informed and ready to dive deeper into nuances of their needs,” Dr. Jogi said.

“Because the videos already covered the basics, appointment times dropped from 90 minutes to often just ten minutes, focusing on more interesting questions and complexities. This absolutely changed my relationship with patients and has kept me sharp as an educator and practitioner,” said Dr. Jogi. 

Dr. Jogi credits Luma with helping HTES reach more patients and allowing him more time to focus on the little things about each person and their needs.

“Patients just want to talk to the right person who can help them,” he said. “Luma has helped my practice connect patients in need with the care that will help them be healthier.”