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Smart Conversations

Drive patient engagement and positive outcomes with Smart Conversations through the Luma Health platform by delivering informative and actionable text messages to patients.

Secure Chat Messaging

Need to share protected health information (PHI) like lab results or help with a recent diagnosis? Our HIPAA-compliant chat lets you safely exchange insurance info, test results, or images.

  • Send personal health information through Luma Health’s secure chat portal
  • Exchange things like test results, insurance information, images, and resources for patient education

Care Pathway Messaging

Unique patient cases deserve unique messages. From engaging patients about a procedure they’ve just had, or mass-messaging patients in a time of crisis, Care Pathway Messages will broadcast tailored and actionable messages to your patients.

  • Automated patient outreach pre and post care
  • Focus on patients discharged from urgent care, who need an specific procedural follow-ups
  • Allow patients to directly schedule a follow-up appointment directly within the text message
  • Send messages based on specific procedure, provider, clinic location and more
  • Mass-message patients in a time of crisis or urgency
  • Customize your communication for custom care needs

Read our whitepaper on how to leverage the power of customizable, targeted automation via text messaging to empower providers to achieve key health goals.

Read our Whitepaper

Custom Audience Broadcasts

From population health management to patient compliance to operational notifications, custom audience broadcasts enables you to quickly communicate with any segment of your patients.

For Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and other value-based care organizations, customizable group messaging is an effective tool to reach and communicate with the communities they serve.

These audience broadcast messages can be delivered multiple languages, allowing clinics to communicate in patients’ native languages. This helps community care organizations more effectively drive value-based care through increased awareness, engagement and participation.

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