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nextech and luma health partners

Maximize patient outcomes, grow top-line 

revenue, and boost patient retention through 

total patient engagement.

Power your practice with the #1 Nextech solution

Trusted by over 100,000 providers and health systems

Easy EHR Integration
Support population Health

Seamless bi-directional integration

Support patient health and retention

Grow top line revenue

Empower your providers with the most accurate and up-to-date patient information to engage patients in a meaningful way

Maximize patient outcomes across the entire patient journey with one easy-to-use solution

Decrease no-shows and convert more referrals to maximize appointment volume and more

We're proud to be HIPAA-compliant

Elevate your practice with Luma Health

Automated solutions that increase population health, drive revenue, and save staff from burnout

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Feedback & Reputation Management

Intelligent Scheduling

Referral Management

Reduce cancellations and no-shows, fill your appointment schedule, and increase patient response 

Automate referral outreach and prompt patients to self-schedule via call or text. Never play phone tag again.

Get real-time patient feedback from detractors and drive your happiest patients to leave 5-star reviews online

Smart Conversations

Collaboration Hub

Mobile Insurance Card Upload

Send the right message to the right set of patients at anytime with interactive clinical messaging

Collaborate virtually online by bringing the right people together to make faster and better decisions

Improve patient convenience and simplify insurance validation right from the patients phone

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Get a custom demo of how Luma Health takes Nextech to the next level.

Over 100,000 providers love Luma Health

Medhavi J.

Reminders have dramatically reduced the work for the front office. Prior we had staff call everyone to confirm appointments. More reliable than a human to confirm appointments with DEEP Integration with most EMR systems.

Michel R.

Very satisfied with the product. It has decreased our staff time for them to be doing tasks that can easily be handled by the software, helping them to focus on other important items within the office. 

Caitlin B.

We've seen an increase in appointment attendance, a decrease in last minute no-shows/cancellations, and a spike in positive reviews/recommendations. Overall, Luma has been a huge asset to our practice- their customer service is top notch and we're very happy with them!

Bill H.

Completely positive and well received by all staff. This is a no-brainer and one I wish other practices embrace. We are all busy but at the end of the day, I have a fiduciary responsibility to my board to identify and implement the best technology to help keep the organization successful.

Jennifer J.

Our improved Google rating has brought in new patients that may have gone to another practice. Patients appreciate the opportunity to communicate via text and don't have to wait on hold.

Taylor E. 

I love the self-automation. It's amazing that you can set perimeters to pretty much every function. We LOVE the "Hub" to and being able to communicate with patients through Luma.

Chris G. 

We are able to save employee time by not having to play phone tag with patients. Also, we are able to fill the no show appointment slots much more effectively.

Marlynn M. 

Just do it. Once we began using Luma, our phone calls in and out were fewer as so many calls were to confirm or patients calling to cancel or reschedule their appointments.

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