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This Summer, In-Person Visits Take the Lead Over Telehealth

The Mental Health Landscape During COVID-19

An Overview of Telehealth Usage: What We’ve Learned So Far

innovator spotlight with a headshot of kim martinez, director of operations at aspire allergy and sinus

Delivering Care in a Digital World: Telehealth Best Practices with Aspire Allergy & Sinus

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Technology Is Helping Healthcare Teams Adapt and Make Changes that Will Outlast COVID-19

3 Strategies for Primary Care Practices Working to Reduce Financial Stress and Rebound from COVID-19

Reopening Healthcare Across the U.S.: A Roundtable Discussion

The Top 5 Reasons Your Medical Practice Needs a Text-First Communication Strategy

The Three Best Practices for Telehealth Success

Appointment Cancellations Drive a Demand for Innovative Solutions Across Specialty Clinics

The Importance of Linguistic Diversity in Serving Diverse Patient Populations

The Consumerization of Healthcare: Three Stages of Patient-Centric Transformation Accelerated by COVID-19

Community Health Centers and Emerging Telehealth Technology

How One Healthcare Practice Used COVID-19 Pandemic to Re-Imagine its Future

How Telehealth Appointments Can Help You Run Your Practice Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

re-opening general practice

The 5 Key Steps to Re-opening Your Practice in the Age of COVID-19: Lessons from the Houston Thyroid and Endocrinology Specialists

Tips for Surviving and Thriving During COVID-19

Patient Self-Screening Header

COVID-19 Self-Screening Surveys Are Part of the New Normal for Healthcare Clinics

Mental Health Awareness Month

How to Support Mental Health Amid COVID-19

New Luma Health Report Reveals COVID-19 Is Fast-Tracking Healthcare Innovation and Changing Care Delivery

3 Considerations for A Making Telehealth Solution Easily Accessible to Patients and Healthcare Teams

How Telehealth Can Make Healthcare More Accessible During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Luma Health Announces Patient-Centric Telehealth Solution: No App, Login or Portal Required

5 Ways Providers Can Use SMS Text Messaging to Communicate with Patients During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

90-Day Free Access to Doctor-Patient Communication Broadcasts and Telehealth

5 Ways Digital Health Solutions Improve Outcomes

Closing Communication Gaps Between Patients And Providers

Measles Is Back, And What’s New with Telemedicine — May Healthcare Hot Takes

December 2018 Healthcare Hot Takes

Mining Patient Health Records To Improve Outcomes: December 2018 Healthcare Hot Takes

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