Why We Love Nurses—Thank A Nurse This National Nurses Week

This week is National Nurses Week, and there are more than a few reasons to celebrate the over 4 million registered nurses in our country. Nursing is a career field that’s rapidly growing in popularity—the number of nurses entering the profession in their early twenties grew 60% between 2002-2009.

But more than a popular career field, nurses help to hold up our healthcare system and the thousands of healthcare organizations they work in. They deal day-in and day-out with us when we’re at our worst—sick and tired and often fed up with the healthcare system. They take our blood pressure, give us our medication, and check-in on us when we’re in the hospital as they make their rounds. They walk nearly four miles a day going back and forth between patients! Nurses do all this while still treating patients with kindness and compassion.

Here are three reasons we love nurses here at Luma Health.

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#1: Nurses Know What’s Important

Nurses know that technology is going to play an increasingly important role in healthcare in the years to come to help the system produce greater value, and they know this goes beyond the electronic health record. They see the need continuous education for all healthcare staff to adapt to this new paradigm. This would help them leverage technology and health data to help move the needle on quality improvement.

Nearly all registered nurses know that this type of training has a real impact on the quality of care patients receive. And half of nurses see their individual roles gradually changing to take on a greater role with healthcare information systems.

While they welcome the role of technology in healthcare, they also know that “compassion, empathy, and support” are the most important. Their primary priority is always displaying kindness and understanding in every patient interaction.

For the past 15 years, American’s have ranked nurses higher than doctors, clergy, professors, and more, for their honesty and ethics.

#2: We Trust Nurses More Than Any Other Profession

When Americans are asked who they trust the most, nurses consistently make the top of the list. For the past 15 consecutive years, we have rated them more highly than doctors, clergy, professors, and countless other professions for their honesty and ethical standards.

When you access healthcare as a patient, you are putting your health and often life in the hands of strangers. Long wait times, fragmented communication, and complicated bills can often make this experience at best, inconvenient, and at worst, a total nightmare.  It’s a huge credit to the nursing profession and the compassion they show their patients that we trust them above all other professions.

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#3: Patients Experience and Quality of Care Depends on Nurses.

Without nurses, the care patients experience would be unimaginable. It’s not surprising that more nurse staffing hours has been scientifically linked to patient satisfaction. Like doctors, however, nurse burnout is on the rise. Nearly 1 in 4 nurses report feeling overworked. One  in 7 do not enjoy their job anymore, spend too much time on paperwork, and, as a result, do not spend enough time with patients.

We know that when nurses can dedicate their time to direct patient care, it can make all the difference for the patient receiving care. To make that possible,  technology and healthcare information systems support them without getting in the way. When that happens, the impact is huge. The patient’s quality of life and the health of the organization delivering care improve in tandem.

Thank you, nurses, for all you do! Spread the love for nurses by celebrating National Nurses Week at your organization. Learn more about Luma Health by requesting a demo below.

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