What unfolded during the planning of our 6-year anniversary blog post

luma healths 6 year anniversary

Last Wednesday. 3 PM PT. 

Usual day at work — handling pressing projects, jumping on with my team on Zoom for a planning workshop. With a newly launched COVID-19 Vaccine Operations solution, our Slack workspace is on overdrive, and we are all sprinting to meet the gargantuan task at hand.

Our admin lead (aka Office Boss) reminds us that it’s Luma Health’s 6-year anniversary. We should do something. Write a blog at the very least.

30 minutes later, we have an idea. We wanted to blog about ‘6 events that have shaped Luma Health’– highlighting our biggest milestones from a product, customer, funding, and growth perspective. 

I’m fairly new to the team, so I ask our co-founders Adnan, Aditya, and Tashfeen– as well as a few other OG colleagues– on what to include.

What followed was spectacular. My colleagues poured in with suggestions on what they considered to be landmark moments for Luma Health. Moments, not milestones.

I won’t rehash everything, but I wanted to share a few moments that stood out for me.

I had imagined that Adnan, our CEO, would talk about the time we received our Series A funding. He instead shared about the time (early days!!) when our product went bonkers and sent out a thousand texts to a patient in seconds. He and the team drove to the clinic with a handwritten ‘’we’re sorry’’ card for the patient. (And yes, he was ok with us putting that on the blog!!)

Luma Health’s CTO, Aditya, felt that the current launch of the vaccine operation solution was a solemn moment, due to the enormity of the task. But rather than a previous tech milestone, he relived our ‘coffee’ journey as we grew — from budget coffee next door, to Peet’s Coffee, to Philz!!

Marcelo, our VP of Engineering, recalled the times when he was shipping products out of a coffee shop, or the phase at the very beginning of our journey when we renamed ourselves ‘Luma Health’. 

Others shared too — from the first conference we attended, to the first innovation challenge we won. The time when our design team built the ‘next version’ of the platform, which looked stunning. All the instances when our sales team closed deals, on the phone sitting in the hallway. The emotions we felt when we deployed the product for our first customer. The joyous celebration at our first holiday party. The rush with every new integration. And, the pure happiness of moving into our first ‘true’ office (with bean bags and dartboards, and all). What also stood out were the places that were a part of our story– like Asha Tea House– which became our makeshift conference room for 1:1s and investor meetings (fun fact — meetings there resulted in our seed round).

In the past six years, we’ve grown significantly. Today we partner with over 500 health systems, to positively impact the healthcare experience for over 22 million patients. We service 100,000 providers, powering 100,000+ daily interactions, built on 80+ EHR integrations. Our squad is 100+ members strong, including a team in Brazil. And, we are proud to be the only vendor in our space with a ‘true platform’ status

But what we are most proud of is the culture we’ve managed to keep alive over the years.

A culture of transparency. Of honesty. Of truly believing that no task is too small. Of showing gratitude. Of doing the right things. Of working hard, demonstrating speed to impact. Of listening first, then listening more.

Why is this important? Because it’s what makes Luma Health a company of consequence. It makes us operate by principles, rather than by policies. To date, Luma Health does not have a written policy for expensing employee meals. We are just asked to do what feels right.

You may ask why are we putting this on our ‘blogs’ page which is intended for our customers and prospects? It’s because our customers are human too, working in great organizations, helping save lives. And they are starting to care more about the company behind the platform.

Thank you to the Luma Squad– for showing us new joiners what a ‘fulfilling’ place looks like. And how it looked over these past six years. 

And, oh yes, Happy Birthday, Luma Health!

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