Welcome to Luma Health

Earlier this year we launched Luma Health with one simple goal: help patients see their doctor faster.

Medical practices see a 10-30% cancellation rate everyday, and yet patients are waiting two to six weeks to see their doctor.

Sounds crazy, right?  This is where Luma Health comes in: we’re building software to make the entire process of seeing a doctor easier, more transparent, and more patient friendly — all while helping medical practices generate more revenue and remain focused on delivering high-quality care.

Healthcare professionals, we want to hear from you. If you work in healthcare, click this link, take our 10-minute survey, and get entered in our giveaway for a $100 Visa gift card.

We’ve built a team of doctors, engineers, practice managers, marketers, and more who believe in our vision.  We’re excited to share with you what we learn along the way.

If you’re a healthcare provider or staff member, get in touch to learn how you can use Luma Health to see more patients and provide them with a better experience.

And if you’re a patient, ask your doctor to join Luma Health!

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