Vaccinating the United States Against COVID-19: 3 Things to Know

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As COVID-19 vaccines rapidly become available to most Americans, it’s critical that patients have quick, easy access to appointments that fit their needs and schedules. Our data shows that so far, self-service scheduling and pre-appointment form completion has been remarkably effective in getting patients in for appointments.

Below, check out three takeaways from scheduling nearly 2 million vaccination appointments that can help inform your next phase of the vaccination effort.

Patients’ self-scheduling rates are high

From January through April, patients self-scheduled more vaccination appointments each week than the week before. To date, nearly 1 million patients have scheduled a vaccination appointment using Luma Health.

Patients engage with appointment reminders via text message

If you own a smartphone, it’s likely that you don’t reply to every text message that you read. However, patients’ response rates for Luma Health reminder messages are higher than average texting response rates, at more than 50% on average.

Since February, our data shows that patients are responding to reminder messages as frequently or even more frequently than they did before vaccines became available. What’s more, those rates are consistent across age groups. Patients between 61 and 80 years old reply more than half of the time, and patients between 41 and 60 years old reply more than 60% of the time.

Patients’ increased replies to appointment reminders indicate that they’re highly engaged with their care related to COVID-19 vaccinations, which is also supported by the CDC’s findings that most Americans are receiving their second doses of mRNA vaccines.

Patients of all ages are booking appointments and checking in by text

Our data shows that older patients are as engaged in preparing for their vaccination appointments as younger patients. Patients age 40 and above are some of the most likely to reply to vaccination appointment reminders and to self-schedule their vaccination appointments using Luma Health forms.

The graph above shows that patients of all ages are scheduling their own vaccination appointments by text with Luma Health forms, with no significant drop for older adults. Though the numbers are smaller for patients at either end of the age spectrum, the rates are consistent when controlled for population size. 

The consistency across ages shows that self-scheduling using Luma Health forms is accessible and easy to use, which is critical to help encourage patients to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Taking advantage of self-service options to help patients get vaccinated

Reaching out to patients where it’s convenient – their phones – and allowing them to schedule vaccinations when it’s convenient can help more patients get vaccinated. Check out a demo to see how Luma Health’s patient communication platform can pair with your EHR and your existing patient outreach to bring in more patients.

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