Luma Health with drchrono

Luma Health with drchrono

No matter the size of your practice, unfilled appointments are decreasing your revenue, increasing patient wait-time, and making unnecessary demands on your staff.

This is why Luma Health is so excited to announce our partnership with drchrono, a modern EHR working in partnership with Luma Health to fill cancellations, get patients in sooner, and decrease the time staff spends on rescheduling.

The most unique feature of Luma Health is our smart waitlist.

Luma Health fully automates appointment reminders using a patient’s preferred communication method (text, email, or automated voice call) and makes it easy for patients to confirm with a simple text, email, or click. This frees up precious time for your staff while decreasing revenue-losing no-shows.

The most unique feature of Luma Health is its smart waitlist. When a patient cancels, Luma Health accesses this and fills the appointment within minutes. Staff is immediately notified, and patients eager to get in are happy to be seen earlier.

All of this happens without any work from your staff. Staff is kept up-to-date with real-time notifications, and can still choose to be in full-control at any time by customizing their smart waitlist (through adding, removing, and prioritizing patients), as well as changing when and how reminders are sent, who they’re sent to, and how often they’re sent.

Patients experience a seamless scheduling process leading up to their appointment, knowing exactly when the appointment is and appreciating the no-fuss reminder.

Free up your staff’s time, make your patients happier, and increase your practice’s revenue by connecting Luma Health with drchrono today.

Don’t have a Luma Health account yet? Contact us here to quickly get set up.

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