The Patient Success Equation, Part 2: How We’re Automating The Solution for Physicians

Automating Patient Success

We know how busy and overworked you and your staff already are. But we also know how important your participation, as the physician, is to your patients’ success. We know how important the support of your staff is to your patients’ success, as well. As a healthcare provider, you may not have the time to address all of the interpersonal needs of your patients. It is often automated patient communication, though, that not only shapes a patient’s perspective of you as a provider but also impacts his/her level of engagement in his/her own health.

This is where your staff can step in and address these concerns. However, in most practices, the staff are as busy as the physicians. So, we’ve automated some of the most important parts of patient communication and engagement to make your entire team’s job easier and to make sure your patients know they matter.

If you and your staff are working long hours, we can help save your practice time. If you’re in need of extra help, we can automate your practice’s most time-intensive processes. And if you’re ready to help your patients achieve their most successful health outcomes, we can help you put automated processes in place to do just that. These solutions work for you and they work for your patients.

If you missed last week’s post, click here to find out more about the problems that are occurring when physicians are not able to actively participate in the patient success equation.

Auto-Fill Cancellations and Have Appointments Available When Your Patients Need Them

No more waiting weeks to try to get an appointment. Your patients need to see you sooner rather than later and between no-shows and last-minute cancellations, you’re missing out on valuable appointment slots, anyways.

Our waitlist management tool automates the entire process, so you don’t have to lift a finger! We automatically contact patients on your waitlist to fill cancelled appointment slots. We then, automatically book the new appointment in your EHR/PM’s schedule.

“I can’t recall a single incident when we were able to successfully fill a last minute cancellation. Since implementing Luma 4 months ago, though, we’ve filled 30+ appointments and have generated roughly $7.5k in revenue directly from those filled appointments.”

Ryan Cozzolino, Arizona Center for Urology, Glendale, AZ

With our new ‘Auto Add Patient to Waitlist’ feature, we now offer earlier available appointment opportunities to patients with appointments scheduled at least two weeks out. So, your patients are happier and your schedule is full. 

“Using Luma Health’s waitlist, we’re able to fill 30-35 appointments every month. Before Luma Health, all of those appointment slots were going to waste.”

Nabrina Rojas, Dublin Physical Therapy, San Francisco, CA

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about how to leverage reimbursable HIPAA-compliant virtual visits to deliver care and minimize appointment backlogs and cancellations.

Automated Patient Communication Shows Your Patients That You Care

Great patient communication is key to keeping your patients satisfied. And satisfied patients keep your schedule full and tell others about your practice. We’ve automated patient communication so you can ensure your patients are satisfied without spending more of your time on the phone.

With our automated reminders, you can stay in touch with patients wherever they are: text, phone, or email. You can customize your messages by appointment type, provider, and more, so your patients not only feel cared for, but important.

We automatically send appointment reminders and give patients the option to cancel or confirm with the click of a button. Patients are then able to reschedule without picking up the phone to call your office. Your front office staff can use the hours they would have spent on the phone ensuring your patients’ experience in your office is top-notch.

Automation makes you and your patients happier. It’s a win-win for everyone!

“After implementing Luma Health, we saw a dramatic reduction in our no-show rate — we cut our no-shows down by more than 50%, with over 70% of our patients responding to our messages.”

Gibran Leesha, Kwan Dermatology, San Francisco, CA

Boost Your Referrals and Help Patients Get the Care They Need

Your staff doesn’t have to spend hours on the phone trying to set up referral appointments, anymore. Simply add the referred patient’s information to our system, and we’ll do the rest!

Converting a referral to a scheduled appointment can be a challenging process. Patients never follow up, appointments are missed, and staff lose track with many patients dropping out along the way.

Our automated referral product closes the gap and seamlessly converts your referrals into scheduled appointments. We automatically contact your referred patients to schedule an appointment. Your staff never have to pick up a phone, and patients close the loop by scheduling appointments on their own, when it’s convenient for them.

You boost your referral conversion and your patients get the care they need.

“Last month, we were able to convert 91% of our incoming referrals. I am extremely happy with the success so far! Using Luma Health’s system has proven to be such a success for us that we recently took our old patient referral list and added those patients into the system, in an effort to encourage them to follow through with the referral request.

Michelle Kidd, Quality Care Sleep, Austin, TX

Are you ready to automate your processes and help your patients achieve their most successful health outcomes? Contact us today and find out how Luma Health can help your practice!

Tashfeen Ekram, MD, is a radiologist, self-taught coder, healthcare innovator and Co-Founder of Luma Health. Contact him on Twitter at @tashfeenekramMD.

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