How The Right Tech Boosts Staff Enablement In Your Clinic

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The tech you use in the workplace affects how productive and happy your staff is. When your staff members feels bogged down with the resources they’re working with, they’re prone to disengage, especially if they face the same technical problem over and over again.

One source even estimates employees who are both highly engaged and enabled at work have a 54 percent reduction in turnover rates.

Here’s how using the right tech can keep your staff happy and boost staff enablement at your clinic.

How Your Tech Is Linked To A Productive Staff

Imagine this: a super motivated staff member comes into work at your practice for the day. He’s ready to start the day and starts by catching up with the voicemails from the night before. Then, after going through a few of them, he starts to plug and play with the waitlist made from sticky notes in front of him. And if he’s managing the waitlist on a patient portal or similar platform, the tech he’s using may not be at all intuitive; it may not even be a good fit with the existing tech systems your clinic has. Thirty minutes into his shift, he’s wishing his lunch break would start ASAP.

You probably have staff members similar to this one, right? Did you know around 20 percent of employees just like him are highly motivated but feel held back? This kind of combination gets your staff frustrated and leads the most productive members of your team to dip in their own productivity.

Engaging your employees at work isn’t just about creating a good work environment with like-minded staff members. And since healthcare runs best on efficient workflows, enabling your staff with the right tech not only makes their lives easier, it gets them to look forward to getting to (and through!) the day-to-day tasks.

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Better Staff Enablement Is Good News For Your Clinic

Enabling your staff to succeed with the easy-to-use technology isn’t just great for your staff — it helps your clinic grow, too!

Get this: teams that have access to the right tools and resources at work create a 4.5x boost in revenue compared to teams that don’t have the right tools.

Now let’s go back to our staff member from the last example. Imagine being able to help him go through the day without getting bogged down by inefficient workflows. And if he’s happier with the resources he’s using, picture how easily your daily schedule falls into place, how many fewer appointment gaps you’ll see, how many less last-minute cancellations you’ll have. Even your patients won’t turn a blind eye to a productive staff. Customer satisfaction rates are at 89 percent compared to 71 percent when staff enablement is high at the workplace.

And guess what? Satisfied employees can boost your practice’s profits, too. 🙂

Teams that have access to the right tools and resources at work create 4.5x more revenue than teams that don’t have the right tools.

Is Your Tech On Point? Just Ask.

It’s easy to admit your staff is likely more familiar than you are with using your clinic’s patient management tools and platforms. Sometimes the easiest way to see what’s working for your practice is simply asking your staff whether they like the resources they’re using.

And if it’s not making your staff’s lives easier — nor is it making it easier for your practice to run — then our best advice is to look for a better option that suits your clinic.

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