We’ve Raised Our Series A Round

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with U.S. Venture Partners (USVP) and raised our Series A round of $6.33 million, to connect more patients to the right care and the best healthcare outcomes quickly.

We founded Luma Health three and a half years ago on the idea that it’s hard for patients to get in the front door of their doctor’s office. Patients wait three, four, up to five weeks for an appointment, yet most clinics have anywhere from a 10 – 25% cancellation and no show rate.

Whether it’s getting in the front door, coming back for follow up care, or getting a referral scheduled, there are gaps in a patient’s care that we want to fix in order to improve healthcare outcomes.

When we started, that’s the problem we aimed to fix — match patients waiting for care with unused capacity in the clinic. As we spent more time with clinics and patients, we came to learn that there are disconnects throughout a patient’s entire healthcare journey, preventing patients and providers from getting connecting and starting that journey. What patients and clinics were doing just wasn’t working.

Whether it’s getting in the front door, or getting a referral scheduled, or coming back for follow up care, or knowing what to do before or after a procedure — all of these lead to gaps in the patient’s care pathway and healthcare experience. From the clinic’s perspective, connecting with the patient is labor intensive, prone to error, and often left to chance.

Here’s a look at some simple patient engagement campaigns that promote essential care and high-dollar procedures to help fill both care gaps and revenue gaps.

So we’re excited to partner with USVP to accelerate our own journey as we continue building Luma to address all these issues and more — focusing on connecting more patients to more care. For us, raising money is a waypoint in a long path to helping patients feel tied to their doctors and care team. With USVP, we’ve found a partner with the same long-term commitment we have.

Finally, thank you to all of our mentors, investors, advisors, partners, friends, and family who have pushed us forward with their honesty and support since our first days together. We’re excited to continue on this journey and achieve our shared vision.

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