Communication Can Make or Break the Patient Experience: Listen to the New Relentless Health Value Podcast

Last month our very own Adnan Iqbal, CEO & Co-Founder of Luma Health, spoke at NODE.Health’s Digital Medicine Conference on the impact of seamless patient communication and improving the patient experience throughout the entire care journey. It’s our belief that good communication can contribute to achieving key health goals, and bad communication just detracts from those goals. Check out Adnan’s thoughts on the future of digital medicine in a recently released podcast by Relentless Health Value.

“An important question to ask ourselves in healthcare is, are the solutions that we’re creating going to be accessible by all patients.”

Adnan Iqbal, CEO & Co-Founder of Luma Health

Innovation and disruption in health care is exciting, but if it’s not working for patients and it’s just creating additional data silos, what is the value? “Are the solutions, technologies, etc. that we’re creating going to be accessible by all patients or as many patients as possible?” asks Adnan. Listen to Adnan and other industry leaders in the Relentless Health Value podcast below.

If you’re looking to improve your telehealth offering, this on-demand webinar shares some best practices. 

Relentless Health Value: 9 Experts From Across the Industry Weigh In on Digital Medicine Solutions From the NODE.Health Digital Medicine Conference (Adnan’s on from 11:49-14:47)



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