Luma Health Introduces Care Pathway Messaging to Eliminate Friction in Patient and Doctor Communications

Press Release: Luma Health Introduces Care Pathway Messaging

Luma Health, the leader in smart patient-provider communications, today launched Care Pathway Messaging, new bot-enabled messaging and two-way communication capabilities that help power improved and timely care across a patient’s complete healthcare journey.

Available now, Care Pathway Messaging is the latest addition to Luma Health’s industry-leading patient conversation platform that is used by thousands of healthcare providers to initiate care and guide patients to a healthier life through frictionless, highly engaging and directed communications.

Clear and timely communication between patients and physicians is critical to keeping patients on track with their care. Breakdowns in that communication often result in missed care visits, inconsistent follow-ups, last-minute cancellations and long wait times to see a doctor. According to a recent study over half of patients fail to recall recommendations and treatments from their physicians unless given some sort of prompt. This is due mainly to poor communications between doctors and patients during and after the appointments.

Luma Health’s cloud-based platform was developed specifically to address this patient-physician communication gap, and the addition of Care Pathway Messaging is a significant extension. The new bot-enabled messaging enables smart communication between patients and providers, and the two-way capabilities to Care Pathway Messaging allow providers to send automated text messages that patients can use as a guide throughout their entire healthcare journey. The messages can be customized based on medical specialty or the type of procedure to address the personal needs of each individual patient.

“Care Pathway Messaging is the next step in our vision to improve patient health by connecting patients with the right provider at the right time.”

Aditya Bansod

For example, if a patient has scheduled a colonoscopy, a few days before the procedure they might receive customized text reminders from their physician to ensure they are following the correct procedures. Care Pathway Messaging can alert patients to avoid eating high-fiber foods in the days before the procedure, remind them to begin taking a medication, and recommend that a friend or family member drive them home when the procedure is complete. Communication continues after the procedure as well, reminding patients to get plenty of rest and fluids and to make sure the patient’s recovery is on track.

“Many patients need help with their healthcare. A slight nudge, a timely message, or a tap on the shoulder can be all the patient needs to be on the right track where their health is concerned,” said Aditya Bansod, co-founder and chief technology officer at Luma Health. “We built Luma Health to help patients and doctors connect in a way that wasn’t possible before advances in modern technology. Care Pathway Messaging is the next step in our vision to improve patient health by connecting them with the right provider at the right time and with the right message.”

“By design, physicians in our clinics are careful about the number of patients they see per day so they can spend enough time with each, so being in close contact before and after their appointment is critical,” said Fareed Elhaj, MD, owner and managing partner at Houston Thyroid and Endocrine Specialists. “Care Pathway Messaging has been ideal for maintaining contact with our patients so we are all on the same page regarding their health and treatment when they come to our offices.”

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