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How to Step Up Your Social Media Game

There is an important distinction between having social media and using social media. Although 70% of health providers have accounts on social media platforms, many are not using the space as effectively as they should. Over 50% of patients want to see a strong social media presence from their health providers, and that presence can influence where patients choose to get care. Here are some tips on how to enhance the content you’re publishing on social media. Curate Interesting Content Regardless of the platform your clinic uses, curating ideas for content that catch your readers’ attention is the most critical — and challenging — […]

Aliya Hall

Healthcare Happenings

3 Ways Blockchain Could Transform Healthcare

It may be best known as the foundation for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but blockchain technology is also causing a buzz for its potential applications in healthcare. How does it apply, anyway? To put it very simply, blockchain technology makes it possible to store and access information in a distributed network, while precisely recording any changes to that information. It also makes it nearly impossible to tamper with the data in the blockchain, or to gain unauthorized access, which is why it works so well for currency. But the financial world isn’t the only industry that can benefit from this technology. In fact, before blockchain […]

Meg Kramer

Life at Luma

We’ve Raised Our Series A Round

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with U.S. Venture Partners (USVP) and raised our Series A round of $6.33 million, to connect more patients to the right care and the best healthcare outcomes quickly. We founded Luma Health three and a half years ago on the idea that it’s hard for patients to get in the front door of their doctor’s office. Patients wait three, four, up to five weeks for an appointment, yet most clinics have anywhere from a 10 – 25% cancellation and no show rate. When we started, that’s the problem we aimed to fix — match […]

Tashfeen Ekram, MD

Engagement Strategies, Product

5 Killer Strategies to Increase Doctor Referrals to Your Clinic

Growth. Productivity. Revenue. These factors along with the overall success of a physician’s clinic can grow exponentially by meeting one aim: To increase doctor referrals. Unfortunately, many hospitals and practices have difficulty establishing and maintaining a constant stream of quality physician referrals. Consider the following statistics: 50% percent of referrals by professionals never end with an actual doctor’s visit 70% percent of specialty practices state that the referral information from providers is fair to poor 21 days is the average time it takes most people to get a doctor’s appointment Even though many healthcare practices and doctors have yet to embrace implementing […]

Miranda Booher, RN

Engagement Strategies

Transparency in the Evolution of the Doctor-Patient Relationship

The doctor-patient relationship has long since been one of “benevolent paternalism,” where lack of access to information has forced patients to put blind trust in the authority of doctors. Now, in the days of the internet, patients are taking healthcare into their own hands. A study found that 55% of people acquired information online before they reached out to a doctor, indicating the shift in relationship between the patient and doctor to a partnership that now focuses on two-way communication. As the partnership evolves, transparency is key. Patients are asking for more from their providers, and in all sects of the patient’s visit, doctors […]

Aliya Hall

Healthcare Happenings

The Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology holds a lot of promise for the healthcare industry. If implemented well, tasks that are tedious, repetitive, or prone to human error could be automated, freeing human workers to set aside the paperwork and focus on caring for patients. Not everyone expects AI to bring about a techno-utopia, though. For example, in January 2018 the online learning platform MindEdge surveyed 1,000 managers about the use of robotics and artificial intelligence in their industries. For healthcare in particular, they found that artificial intelligence has 21 percent of employees worried about their long-term job security. Healthcare Workers and Artificial Intelligence In any industry, […]

Meg Kramer

Engagement Strategies

Customer Spotlight: Pulmonary & Sleep Associates of Alabama

Located in the heart of Birmingham, Pulmonary & Sleep Associates of Alabama is a bustling clinic that services nearly fifty patients a day. Before pairing with Luma, keeping track of their referrals was a time-consuming and occasionally frustrating task—patients were tough to reach, voicemails went unanswered, stacks of office files grew to unwieldy heights. Searching for a smoother and more innovative way of running her office, administrator Jennifer Neal decided to give Luma Health a try. The rest is history. What were the biggest issues you faced that Luma Health helped resolve? It was booking patients, without a doubt. Before Luma, scheduling […]

Angie Shin

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