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What Do Modern Healthcare Consumers Want?

What's important to the average healthcare consumer in 2018? Affordable prices for quality care? Convenient access to services? An enhanced patient experience? Keep reading for an overview of the latest reports and studies that show what the average healthcare consumer wants in 2018.

Miranda Booher, RN

Healthcare Happenings

September 2018 Healthcare Hot Takes: NYU to offer tuition-free med school for all students

Healthcare Hot Takes is Luma Health’s monthly rundown of healthcare innovations happening right now. Check out what the industry has been thinking, reading, doing.

Ramesh Munnangi


August 2018 Product Updates

We've just published the list of product updates that went live in Luma Health over the last month. Here are a few quick highlights from August.

Aditya Bansod

Engagement Strategies, Healthcare Happenings

Can Mobile Solutions Solve The Patient-Compliance Crisis?

At least 25% of today’s patients fail to comply with their doctor’s orders. Mobile solutions can be the answer in order to keep patients healthy.

Matt Seidholz

Engagement Strategies

Is Your Clinic Missing the Service Recovery Opportunity?

Like every business, your clinic strives for excellent service. But no matter how good your intentions, sometimes you will make mistakes. The aftermath of a mistake can be an opportunity to win a patient’s long-term trust--depending on how your clinic will respond.

Matt Seidholz

Product, Value-Based Care

How to Supercharge Your EHR

EHRs help hundreds of healthcare organizations manage patient data more effectively, but they can only go so far. Supplementing your EHR with the right tools can go a long way towards improving productivity, boosting patient engagement, and enhancing the patient experience. In this webinar, we discuss: 1. How to best leverage and integrate EHRs at your practice 2. How to power your EHR with mobile communication tools 3. How to fill in key gaps with HIPAA compliant online forms

Tashfeen Ekram, MD

Engagement Strategies

Customer Spotlight: Insomnia & Sleep Institute of Arizona

Maintaining efficiency is key for a company that has expanded as much as the Insomnia & Sleep Institute of Arizona has since it was established five years ago. Chief Operating Officer Rachel Lutrell-Patel says the clinic hosts between 30 to 40 different sleep studies a week, 40 patients daily, and has recently opened its second location. What are the first few stand-out qualities you noticed right away using Luma? The product for us has been helpful when it comes down to volume. For us, every patient that comes in might have clinics, might have a sleep study, might be picking up […]

Angie Shin

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