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Communication Can Make or Break the Patient Experience: Listen to the New Relentless Health Value Podcast

Last month our very own Adnan Iqbal, CEO & Co-Founder of Luma Health, spoke at NODE.Health's Digital Medicine Conference on patient the impact of seamless patient communication Check out Adnan's thoughts on the future of digital medicine in a recently released podcast by Relentless Health Value.

Alex Harris

Healthcare Happenings

January 2019 Healthcare Hot Takes: Texas court rules ACA unconstitutional

In this month's Luma Health Hot Takes we discuss the recent Texas court ruling the ACA as unconstitutional. We also take a look at digital monitoring via hospital beds and access to care in rural communities.

Ramesh Munnangi

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Six New Year’s Resolutions for Patient Success

The patient is at the center at everything you do—you want them to be successful in meeting their care goals. The same goes for us here at Luma Health. Join us in making 2019 the year we double-down on patient success.

Alex Harris

Healthcare Happenings

December 2018 Healthcare Hot Takes: Mining patient health records to improve outcomes

In this month's Luma Health Hot Takes we break down Amazon's new software designed to mine patient health records, the underuse of telehealth in rural America, and Walgreens and FedEx's prescription delivery initiative.

Ramesh Munnangi

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Eight Quotes from Luma Health Customers Who Are Transforming Patient Engagement

Luma Health customers are driving better outcomes for their patients, their staff, and their business. Here are eight quotes from 2018 that show how our customers are transforming patient engagement using Luma Health.

Alex Harris

Value-Based Care

Get Our New MIPS Cheat Sheet

Value-based care is here to stay. Make sure you’re prepared for success under MACRA, MIPS, and other value-based programs. Download Luma Health's brand-new MIPS cheat sheet, and learn how you can leverage technology to improve patient care effectively and efficiently.

Alex Harris

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Beyond the Four Walls—Luma Health’s Care Pathway Messaging

Providers are facing an imperative to help guide patients along an often complicated and multi-tiered pathway to health. This makes smart communication functionality, like Care Pathway Messaging, essential to orchestrating the entire patient journey.

Alex Harris

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