Overwhelmed With COVID-19 Vaccine Inquiries? Luma Health’s Broadcast Messaging Solution Can Help!

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Picture this. During the first half-hour of offering the COVID-19 vaccine, Cleveland Clinic’s Martin North location received over 10,000 calls from patients, leaving the clinic’s phone system overwhelmed. Eligible patients such as R. Rosenwater, 70-years old, made 25 calls to book an appointment but could not connect with the scheduling staff for two days!

This massive influx of calls from patients was predictable, as this is a vaccine limited in quantity, and being distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, inbound inquiries are unlikely to stop there–they’ll spill into vaccine fears, confusion about timing and qualifiers for eligibility, and rescheduling needs. The problem is bound to get more acute in 2021, as health systems across the country face the gargantuan task of vaccinating 330 million Americans against COVID-19. 

As the media continues to report more on the vaccine, the ‘traditional’ first point of patient contact (i.e., the call center, the IVR phone system, or the front office staff) will unlikely be able to manage the flood of calls, leaving your staff overwhelmed and patients frustrated.

Healthcare providers can leverage Luma Health’s 4-step COVID-19 Vaccine Operations Solution for both the first and second dose to…

  • Streamline patient education, screening, scheduling, and reminders 
  • Help you operationalize and automate your vaccine deployment efforts quickly and efficiently.

Streamlining Patient Outreach and Education with a Broadcast Messaging Solution

A successful vaccine operations plan can only begin with an effective strategy for patient outreach, information, and education. This will ensure that all segments of your patient population have access to the right information and can be activated when their time to vaccinate comes.

Depending on the patient type, provider outreach will have three essential functions:

1. For patients ready and enthusiastic about the vaccine:

  • To provide actionable information on availability, eligibility, timelines, and set expectations on dose shortages

2. For unsure patients seeking more information on the vaccine before deciding:

  • To reduce hesitancy by sharing CDC guidelines, highlighting vaccine efficacy and safety, and stressing the precautions taken to keep them safe during vaccination

3. For non-believers unlikely to vaccinate without shift in perception

  • To quell fears and reduce misinformation

Luma Health’s Broadcast Messaging Solution can help your clinic quickly and conveniently push out mass messages to communicate important information on COVID-19 vaccination on a one-to-many basis, thus reducing load off your overwhelmed staff and systems, while putting your patients at ease.

Broadcast Messaging remains highly effective as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. Click here to find out more.

Sample Messages from Luma’s Broadcast Messaging Solution

1. To announce when the vaccine is available:

2. To announce when you have received delivery of the vaccine:

3.  Bulk message to eligible patients on vaccination next steps, using attribution lists:

Providers can also use Luma Health’s custom actions to set up auto-replies to patients inquiring about the vaccine by picking up on grouped keywords, like “COVID,” “vaccine,” “Moderna,” and “Pfizer.”  Sample response may include:

Clinics can also use Luma’s broadcast messaging solution to:

  1. Share more information on phase-wise vaccine eligibility, and approximate timelines
  2. Inform phase-eligible patients on vaccination location and appointment process
  3. Highlight the importance of following COVID safety protocols post-vaccination
  4. Stress the importance of the second vaccine dose to get complete immunity

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Setting Up Luma’s Broadcast Messaging Platform is Easy

With Luma Health, it’s straightforward and easy to set up the broadcast messaging solution. Plus, Luma’s built in set of safeguards help prevent broadcast accidents. Here’s a 90-second overview of how it works.

1. Select Your Target Audience

Luma gives you the flexibility to define your target audience. With Luma, you can:

1. Send a message to all or a subgroup of patients existing in your Luma database.

Luma’s broadcast filters help you quickly filter through your audience and send a message to an appropriate group of patients (like, patients over your specific age, or with health conditions, for example.)

2. Send bulk messages by uplaoding a new patient list.

Here, you can message up to 10,000 patients at a time. Luma will identify any patients uploaded that were already synced from your EHR/PM system to Luma to prevent duplicate entries.

2. Setting Up the Broadcast Message

Creating the broadcast message in Luma is easy. Once defined, you can personalize each message (by adding their name, for example). Luma gives you the option to send the broadcast now or schedule it for a later date or time.

With Luma’s multilingual capacity, you can send the message in 17 different supported languages. Canceling or editing a broadcast is equally easy and can be done until 15 minutes before it is scheduled to send.

The best part, Luma sends these broadcasts through a contact method preferred by the patient (via text message on a mobile phone, call on a home phone, or email); and if the patient has two contact methods listed, Luma will send out the broadcasts to both!

3. Checks and Balances

Luma has checks in place to ensure the patient is not spammed, by allowing only one broadcast message per patient every hour. Additionally, since all broadcast messages need to be admin approved, you can be sure that the other users accessing Luma do not trigger a broadcast by mistake.

January marks the tenth month that the United States has been dealing with the severities of the COVID-19 pandemic with no clear end in sight. While the vaccine is a welcome respite, there’s a lot at stake as health systems scramble to act swiftly to distribute vaccines in a fair manner. A complete patient engagement solution like Luma Health, armed with seamless EHR integration, can be the biggest difference you make. Reach out to us for a demo of our vaccine operations solution.


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