Overwhelmed by Phone Calls? How We Can Reduce Your Phone Call Volume.

Your front office staff is inundated with phone call volume. From rescheduling cancelled appointments to scheduling referrals, your staff is spending up to 40% of their work day on the phone. Phone calls are costing your practice a ton of time and money. We’ve seen this happen time and time again.

Here’s what one Luma Health customer had to say about their phone call volume before we stepped in:

“Many days, our front office staff didn’t have the extra time to contact patients. Not only was it difficult to find the time, but when we did, it was essentially impossible to reach patients over the phone…”

“…We were calling during our business hours, which is typically during work and school hours, when patients aren’t available by phone. This resulted in us making multiple phone calls to the same patients attempting to reschedule their appointment. Many times, it was nearly impossible to reach them and reschedule their appointment.

Just How Much Time Are You Spending On The Phone?

We conducted our own in-house research to find out how much time our customers were spending on the phone. Here’s what we found..

  • Staff spend 1-3 hours a day on the phone reaching out to patients (scheduling, rescheduling, reminders, etc.)
  • It takes approximately 20 phone calls to connect with a single patient and fill an open appointment. If an average phone call is 3 minutes, that means it’s taking your staff an hour to schedule one appointment.

Phone calls have an extremely low success rate. All too often the call goes straight to voicemail, you’re unable to reach the patient, and you never receive a call back. People are busy. And phone calls aren’t the best option for reaching them. 

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How Can Luma Reduce Your Phone Call Volume (and save you time + money)?

1. No more scrolling through your waitlist and calling patients to fill appointments! 

With our waitlist, patients are automatically contacted when there’s an open appointment. Once a patient confirms they want an appointment, Luma Health automatically books the new appointment in your EHR/PM’s schedule. So, you can put down the phone and focus on the patients who are already there.

2. No more failed attempts to contact hundreds of patient referrals every month.

Our automated referral closes the gap and seamlessly converts your referrals into scheduled appointments … without you picking up the phone. We automatically contact referred patients to schedule an appointment. Your staff never have to pick up a phone, and patients close the loop by scheduling appointments on their own, when it’s convenient for them.

A new Luma customer recently launched our referral product. Within their first week, 89 patient referrals had already contacted them to schedule an appointment.

3. No more manual calls to confirm or cancel appointments.

Our HIPPA compliant appointment reminders allow patients to confirm or cancel an appointment via a simple text message. Your front office staff no longer has to call every patient to remind them of their upcoming appointment.

If you’re looking to improve your telehealth offering, this on-demand webinar shares some best practices.

Stop wasting valuable time and money with phone calls. Take back the 40% of your staff’s time they’re spending on the phone each day. We can help!

Get started with Luma Health today! Luma Health works with many of the leading EMRs and PMs, offering automated waitlists, cancellation management, appointment confirmation texts, referral management, patient recall, and more. We save you time and money so you can do more of the things that really matter.


Lauren Frontiera helps manage social media and content creation at Luma Health. When she’s away from her computer, you can find her adventuring outdoors or indulging in her love of cooking.

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