Check Out Our New Look — Modern Healthcare That’s Warm and Inviting

Four years and seven and a half million engaged patients have taught us a few things. Every single person we work with — from the smallest clinics to the largest health systems — has shown us how a truly patient-centered access solution should work.

We’ve refreshed our look to double down on our commitment to improving patient-centered access and communications while laying the groundwork for a future where the entire patient journey is simple, seamless, and effective. Our new look reflects our vision of healthcare that’s simple and modern while still being warm and inviting.

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As we went through this process of refreshing the look and feel of our brand, we kept in mind three key themes that our partners and patients have taught us:

Keeping Care Personal

Healthcare is not transactional — it’s personal. As patients, it takes a lot of trust to put our health in the hands of another person, which is why the patient-provider relationship continues to be so essential to good care. Other industries may try to replace or automate face-to-face interactions. Our goal is to enhance them. 

Our new warmer and inviting colors reflect the human element of healthcare. This is the third iteration of Luma Health, and in each iteration, we’ve continued to lighten and add more colors to our brand palette. Each part of the patient’s journey is color-coded throughout Luma Health, giving a consistent and recognizable view to our users as they interact with our different access and communication products and helping them understand where the patient is in their unique and personal journey..

A Unique Approach to Healthcare

We know every front office, clinic, and system is unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. The technology you use should adapt to your clinic and staff’s unique needs. We think our new look reflects our goal to deliver a tailored approach to patient engagement. 

We took inspiration from Pop Art-era artists like Roy Lichtenstein to create our bold illustrative style, featuring thick lines and fun, graphic patterns. What mattered most to us was having an expressive way to capture what patients really look like: everyone. Young, old, urban, rural — everyone is a patient and should be represented.

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Modernizing Patient-Centered Access

Long wait times, complicated forms, portals, and apps are things of the past. Accessing care should be simple and intuitive, available to patients in the ways we all expect. We partner with organizations like yours to modernize access, from scheduling to recall and every point in between, delivering the experience that all of us as consumers want and expect. 

A modern look and feel is essential to who we are as a company. We believe that great web experiences shouldn’t be limited to just our personal lives. With focused typography and appropriate uses of color and white space, our modern look reflects our approach to healthcare — making it the best consumer experience possible.

Digital health technology will never replace the incredibly personal, human component of healthcare. Far from it. Smart technology elevates the interpersonal and allow patients and providers to share better information, have more meaningful conversations, and leave the exam room healthier and happier. A modern approach to patient engagement makes this possible.

We think the future of healthcare is bright. Our new look reflects that.

Jennifer is the Design Director at Luma Health. She enjoys creating things like websites and bread, but usually not at the same time.

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