New Product: Introducing, Luma Next

When we started Luma Health, we started with a simple concept: make it easy to match patients who were canceling appointments to patients who were waiting for one. Over the last few years, Luma Health has grown into a comprehensive product that makes it easy to manage the entire patient lifecycle–from getting an appointment, filling cancellations, following up post appointment, and now so much more.

As Luma grew, we noticed it was getting harder and more complicated to do the key things Luma was supposed to make easy.

So, we went back to the whiteboard and redesigned the Luma Health website to be more patient-focused, more action-focused, and easier to use. We’re excited to announce the new version, “Luma Next.”

We redesigned the entire experience to be focused on two key things: Activities and Patients. At the core of the new Activities page, it shows you all the things Luma is doing for your practice in real-time: contacting patients, replying to patients, filling referrals, filling patients off the waitlist and more. 

By refocusing on the patient experience, we made Secure Chat and the patient communication log the centerpiece of the patient portal. We also rolled out our new Custom Actions feature, which makes it easy for you to build custom messaging workflows that are PHI-safe (e.g. now, you can automate all pre- or post-op messages, and even send recall messages for patients who need to come back in a few months).

If you’re looking to improve your telehealth offering, this on-demand webinar shares some best practices.

For all of our current users, we’re so excited to have everyone already active and using the new Luma Next.  We’ve already received a lot of positive feedback.  But as always, keep the questions and feedback coming.  🙂

Want to see an overview of Luma Next? Check out our tutorial video here.  

Still have questions? We’re here for you at

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