New Feature: Auto Add Patient To Waitlist

Luma Health Releases New Waitlist Feature

Prior to using our automated waitlist management product, many of our clients were using the old-fashioned paper and pen method. It was time consuming and ineffective at filling cancellations, though. So, we automated the entire process so that cancellations can now be filled more easily, while saving time (almost magically).

Today, We’re Announcing the Release of a New Feature to Further Automated Your Workflow.

Appointments scheduled greater than 15 days in the future have a higher cancellation rate. This number is even higher for new patients, which is particularly challenging because that’s how you grow your practice.

Luma’s new Auto Add to Waitlist can help solve this problem. It will look into your schedule and automatically offer patients the opportunity to be added to your waitlist if their appointment is currently scheduled further out. For example, it can contact all of your new patients who’ve been scheduled 2 weeks or more in advance and offer them a spot on your waitlist. Getting new patients in earlier not only helps reduce your cancellation rate, but also increases patient satisfaction.

Appointments scheduled greater than 15 days in the future have a higher cancellation rate. The cancellation rate is even higher for new patients.

Here Is How It Works, Step-By-Step:

  1. Jane calls your clinic saying she would like to be seen for a new patient appointment. You schedule her for your earliest available appointment, which is in 3 weeks.
  2. Later that day, Jane receives an automated text from your office asking if she would like to be added to the waitlist so that she can find out about earlier available appointments. She replies “Yes” and is added to your waitlist for the next new patient appointment.
  3. The next day, another new patient (let’s call her Mary) who is scheduled for tomorrow receives a text message reminder from Luma Health. Mary can’t make it, so she cancels her appointment.
  4. Jane immediately receives a text about this new opening. She accepts the new appointment and is now able to be seen in your clinic within two days rather than three weeks, without you having to lift a finger.

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If you are an ACO, we can help you improve your scores on measure in getting access to timely care (ACO measure #1), as well as specialist access (ACO measure #4).

This feature is fully customizable, allowing you the ability to choose how far into the future you would like to look at your schedule and which appointment types you would like to include. 

If you’d like to activate it, please email us at If you’re new to Luma, reach out to see how Luma can help automate your practice.

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