Luma Health and CareCloud Announce Partnership

CareCloud, an MTBC Company with the leading platform for high-growth medical groups, announced today that Luma Health is now available for integration with its technology suite as part of the CareCloud Connect technology partner program.

“With this new partnership, our clients can easily integrate Luma Health’s powerful engagement engine while improving access and communication for their patients.”

Mike Cuesta, CareCloud’s Senior Vice President of Marketing

“As medical groups continue to modernize and evolve, our goal is to make it simple and secure to extend CareCloud with a variety of tools providers can use to drive their business forward. CareCloud provides its proprietary, award-winning, enterprise cloud platform and business solutions to more than 4,500 healthcare providers nationwide, who are all candidates for this capability.”

Luma Health is the latest application to be made available as part of CareCloud’s Connect Partner program, through which the company provides access to a variety of innovative solutions that complement CareCloud’s suite of products and services. Today, over 100 partners are available for CareCloud clients to enhance every part of their group’s operations. These applications are compatible with CareCloud’s robust practice management platform.

“Modernizing patient access enables providers to meet today’s patients where they are – through a mobile-first experience. Text messaging is proven to deliver the highest engagement and response rates from patients,” said Adnan Iqbal, co-founder and CEO of Luma Health. “Through our automated bi-directional integration with CareCloud, care teams can leverage valuable insights to work smarter, not harder, to reduce patient no-shows, and maximize patient outcomes across the entire care journey.”

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about how to leverage reimbursable HIPAA-compliant virtual visits to deliver care and minimize appointment backlogs and cancellations.

Providers can use the application to deliver patient self-scheduling and waitlist management, referral management, deliver appointment reminders, automate provider to patient communications, and to automatically update patient information into their CareCloud Central practice management. Accenture reports that the average length of a phone call spent scheduling a medical appointment is 8.1 minutes. Luma Health estimates that those offices that commit to manually following up with every single patient who no-shows will spend about 17 and a half-full business days of work every year for every full-time provider.

Practices interested in learning more about Luma Health’s patient engagement technology can reach out to us at — or check out our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages!

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