How We’re Saving Practices 13+ Hours Every Week

How to Save Time With Your Medical Practice

What if your front office staff no longer had to choose between putting a patient on the phone on hold or making a patient who’s just arrived at your practice wait before being helped? What if we told you that keeping your schedule full could actually save you time with a simple waitlist management tool? What if we told you that we could save you 13+ hours every week?

We know how busy you and your staff are already. We know how much is expected of you and how impossible it is to get it all done while maintaining the best patient experience and the most successful patient outcomes. That’s why we’ve created our product suite of time-saving, automated systems for your practice. The three areas we’ve found where practices spend the most time is on appointment reminders, referrals, and waitlist management. So, we’ve created products to help automate each and save you a ton of time.


“Since implementing Luma 4 months ago, we’ve filled 30+ appointments and have generated roughly $7.5k in revenue directly from those filled appointments.”

Arizona Center for Urology

Appointment reminders are time-consuming for your front-office staff. With dozens of phone calls every day and last-minute patient cancellations and no-shows, it can also cost your practice a ton of money in lost revenue.

With our automated reminders, though, patients can confirm or cancel an appointment with the push of a button. So, patient no-shows and cancellations are drastically reduced, and you save a ton of time. For the average practice, with a daily appointment volume of 100, implementing our reminders product can save you 8+ hours a week.*

We also automated appointment reminders to allow you to communicate with patients in the most convenient way for everyone – text messaging. It’s convenient and easy for both you and your patients. And with our real-time dashboard, you can manage your most up-to-date schedule at any time.

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“Luma Health helped us automate the entire process through their Referral Management product… Last month, we were able to convert 91% of our incoming referrals.”

Quality Care Sleep

Referrals can be challenging. It’s difficult getting into contact with referrals, let alone converting them into scheduled appointments. Patients never follow up, appointments are missed, and staff lose track, with many patient dropping out along the way.

Our Referral Management Product closes the gap and seamlessly converts your referrals into scheduled appointments. We automatically contact your referred patients to schedule an appointment without your staff ever having to pick up the phone. Your patients close the loop by scheduling appointments that work for them when it’s convenient for them. It’s a win-win for everyone! And for the average practice, our referral management product can save your staff up to 1 hour a week.*

Waitlist Management

“I can now manage wait lists for all 18 providers in one place, and I’m able to easily fill the empty spots on our schedules, too. We filled 5 appointments in just our first week of use and filled 15+ appointments in our first month alone!”

Portland Integrated Health

For any busy practice, trying to manage your waitlist can feel like a losing battle. You squeeze in time during your already-busy day to contact patients on your waitlist and when you finally do you end up leaving voicemails and receiving no responses. Your patients are busy. And so are you. Filling spots on your waitlist benefits both you and your patients, though. So, we figured out how to do it as easily as possible, using as little time as possible, and making it convenient for everyone. In fact, with our waitlist management product, we can save the average practice over 4 hours a week in time spent managing their waitlist.*

“I can’t recall a single incident when we were able to successfully fill a last minute cancellation. Since implementing Luma 4 months ago, though, we’ve filled 30+ appointments and have generated roughly $7.5k in revenue directly from those filled appointments.”

Arizona Center for Urology

With our Waitlist Management Product, everything is automated and filling appointments happens seamlessly! We automatically detect cancellations and offer appointments to waitlist patients. It’s simple-to-use, fully automated, and can be easily integrated with your EHR/PM system. Best of all? Your patients will love it, too!

Download this infographic to see how you can recover revenue with campaigns for essential care.

Tashfeen Ekram, MD, is a radiologist, self-taught coder, healthcare innovator and Co-Founder of Luma Health. Contact him on Twitter at @tashfeenekramMD.


*These statistics are based on a practice with an average daily appointment volume of 100, a cancellation rate of 0.05, and 15 incoming referrals per week. They also assume the following: 1 minute per appointment reminder, 3 minutes per each referral contact, and 10 minutes total to fill each appointment cancellation.

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