How We Are Building a Patient Success Platform

Luma Health Can Help With Your Patient Success

Patient success occurs when a patient is able to meet their healthcare plan goals. A patient with hypertension gaining control of their blood pressure is a great example of patient success. With the consumerization of healthcare, medical practices are experiencing a variety of disruptive pressures and expectations from patients for a better patient experience. So, at Luma Health, we are focused on building a patient success platform that not only works for our customers, but their patients, as well, and saves everyone time in the process.

There are many obstacles that exist for practices in helping their patients achieve their goal(s) and reach patient success. We’re building a patient success platform that addresses some of these obstacles, helping both you and your patients.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction plays a large role in the outcome of a patient’s success. For example, a patient may have a bad experience with the front office staff. In response, they may decide not to show up for their follow-up appointment. This results in the very real problem of a patient not receiving adequate care to accomplish his/her health goals.

How can Luma Health help?

Our Reputation Management product helps get feedback from your patients. So, when a situation like the above example occurs, we can reconnect them to you to get the care they need, while also helping you create a better overall patient experience.

Great patient communication begins before a patient enters the office and doesn’t end once they’ve left.

Ease of Access

Patient success is affected by the ease of access patients have to appointments, as well as to communication with your practice. If a patient needs to cancel an appointment and is unable to easily reschedule, the patient could look elsewhere for care, or forgo care altogether. Again, this creates an obstacle for practices who are trying to help patients achieve their health goals..

How can Luma Health help?

Our Smart Waitlist product, gives your patients the control to cancel, confirm, and reschedule their appointments with the click of a button. We utilize text messaging to communicate with patients where they’re at, in the most convenient way. We also manage the entire process, so your staff can save hours each day and focus on creating a better patient experience, instead.

Patient-Focused Communication

One of the greatest factors of patient success is communication. Great patient communication begins before a patient enters your office and doesn’t end once they’ve left. Ensuring that your patients are up-to-speed and aware of upcoming appointments is key to helping them achieve success with their healthcare goals and outcomes.

How can Luma Health help?

We’ve created products that make patient communication easier for you and the patient, while increasing communication across the board. We work with many of the leading EMRs and PMs to offer automated waitlists, cancellation management, appointment confirmation texts, referral management, patient recall, and more.

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Predicting, Understand, and Changing Patient Behavior

Patient behavior is an important determinant in health outcomes and patient success. Some patients are very engaged and do not require any reminders or messaging to keep them engaged and interested in their health. Other patients, however, get lost in the conundrum of our healthcare system and are highly likely of not following through. Such a patient may not only require multiple messages, but may respond more positively to a different type of message; a one-size-fits-all solution does not work for this type of patient.

How can Luma Health help?

Our team can build data models around patients in your practice to help you better understand your patients and identify which patients are at a higher risk of not succeeding. The model we build is specific to your practice and patients and is based on over one million data points that we have across all of our practices.

This model can help identify patients who are at high risk for cancelling their appointment or not following up. Tailored and more frequent messages are, then, sent out to patients who are at the highest risk of not succeeding. Patients who have low appointment attendance are at higher risk for poor health outcomes. Tailored messages between visits can help educate and engage patients to bridge the gap between visits.

 We are building a patient success platform that saves you time and helps you, and your patients, achieve your goals. Get started with Luma Health today! 

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