How to Keep Both Physicians and Patients Happy (and boost your clinic)

How Do You Keep Both Physicians and Patients Happy?

Happy patients equal healthy patients. And healthy patients equal happy physicians. How do you keep both your patients and physicians happy?  We’re not asking you to solve a calculus equation here (though nerding out is really fun). The answer is really simple.

Send Appointment Reminders That Patients Actually Respond To

According to this research summary, text messaging is now the most used communication tool on the planet. We see it all the time – practices spend hours calling and emailing patients and getting no response.  To solve this, we created Reminders – text appointment confirmations that have shown to reduce no-shows by more than 50%, with up to 70% of patients responding to messages.

“As a leading dermatology practice offering the newest, most advanced technologies in skin care, Luma Health helped us embrace technology in a way that our patients expect from us, but hadn’t yet seen…

“…The Reminders service allowed us to reach out to patients in a way that they wanted to be communicated with and would ensure they not only saw the messages, but would actually respond.”

Kwan Dermatology

Luma Health reaches out to patients in the way they prefer to be communicated with. Free yourself of the manual phone calls, while getting your highest response rate. 

Fill Your Waitlist Without Lifting a Finger

If you’re like Dublin PT, you’re spending hours every week trying to backfill cancelled appointment spots using handmade waitlists through Excel.  Put down the Excel spreadsheet and back away.

We know how important it is to fill the gaps in your schedule. We also know how important it is for patients to see you sooner.  Luma Health’s Smart Waitlist helps with both.

“Since implementing Luma 4 months ago, we’ve filled 30+ appointments and have generated roughly $7.5K in revenue directly from those filled appointments.”

Arizona Center for Urology

We automatically backfill cancellations and reach out to patients on your waitlist for you.  Patients can even reschedule appointments or add themselves to waitlists directly, all via text message. Did we mention you don’t have to lift a finger?

If you’re looking to improve your telehealth offering, this on-demand webinar shares some best practices.

Request Feedback From Patients And Get Five-Star Reviews

Yes, it’s true that over 90% of patients search for you online and read your reviews.  But, it can be difficult to get your happy patients to actually leave the reviews in return. That’s where Reputation Management comes in.

“Patients would leave us sweet notes in our office but we struggled to get them online to leave a review. Now,  all of our happy patients are sent to our Google page making it easier for new patients to find us, too!

Benson Dermatology

Post-appointment, we ask patients for feedback.  We make it easy for happy patients to write positive reviews on a website of your choice (Yelp, Google, Healthgrades, Rate MDs to name a few).  For unhappy patients, we direct them to a private form to submit their feedback.  The feedback stays private, only you see it, and you can reach out to make it better.

Convert Referrals And Bring New Patients Through Your Doors

We’ve got this patient communication thing down.  But what about referral patients?

We get it. It’s hard to track down and reach new patients over the phone.  We also know that less than 50% of patients referred to your clinic actually get scheduled for an appointment.  With our Referrals product, automated patient outreach begins the minute you get a new referral.

“Last month, we were able to convert 91% of our incoming referrals and our patient volume has increased by 15%. With automated referral texts, my staff can now spend more time providing care for the patients who are ready.”

Quality Care Sleep Diagnostics

It reaches patients through a series of text messages that convert at a 40% higher rate. It also tracks everything in real time, so you know who called, who scheduled, who’s still active, and who never responded. So, you can get new patients through your doors faster.

 Interested in learning how we can work with your clinic? Contact us to learn more. Our automated patient communication has you covered, so you can focus on more important things — like caring for the patient who just walked in :-).

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